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    • The disclosure of taxation and interperiod tax allocation. 

      McKessar, Pamela Elizabeth (University of Canterbury. Accounting and Information Systems, 1978)
    • Some aspects of statistical inference in the linear regression model 

      King, M. L. (University of Canterbury. Economics, 1979)
      This thesis considers two aspects of statistical inference associated with the linear regression model set in an economic context. The implications of replacing the conventional normality assumption with the broader ...
    • Optimal operation of power systems. 

      Read, E. G. (University of Canterbury. Operations Research, 1979)
      This thesis is primarily concerned with the solution of the long-term scheduling problem for mixed hydro-thermal systems such as that of the former New Zealand Electricity Department (NZED - now the Electricity Division ...
    • Approximations of a quadratic programming problem with incomplete information 

      George, John Andrew (University of Canterbury. Operations Research, 1979)
      This thesis deals with the effectiveness of various decision rules derived to approximate the objective function of a quadratic programme. The assumption of the study is that the constraint set of the QP is known precisely ...
    • Negligence, Economic Loss and the Ambit of the Duty of Care 

      Todd, S. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 1980)
      Difficulty in determining the true basis in law for allowing recovery of "pure" economic loss which is not consequential upon any physical damage suffered by a plaintiff has preoccupied the courts in a number of ...
    • Stolen Property in the Conflict of Laws 

      Rowe, D. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 1980)
      To those schooled in the common law tradition it is a basic principle of the law of personal property, expressed in the maxim Nemo Dat Quod Non Habet, that a purchaser of goods acquires no better title to them than ...
    • Reform of Privity 

      Finn, J.N. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 1981)
      The doctrine of privity as laid down by the courts in the 19th century has long been the target of law reformers. As long ago as 1937 the United Kingdom Law Revision Committee suggested statutory modification of the privity ...
    • Is Technology a Bargaining Issue? 

      Joseph, P.A.; Hughes, J. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 1981)
      This article examines how our industrial system is responding to worker demands for bi-lateral control over the introduction of technology into the workplace. In New Zealand Federated Clerical and Office Staff Employees I.A.W. ...
    • The Honourable D.F. Quigley's Resignation - Strictly Political, Not Constitutional 

      Joseph, P.A. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 1982)
      June 1982 will be remembered for the Quigley affair. Precipitated by Mr D. F. Quigley's address to the Young Nationals on June 7,[1] the Prime Minister responded with the ultimatum that the Minister either publicly apologise ...
    • Judicial approaches to meaning in the interpretation of statutes 

      Farrar, A. A. (University of Canterbury. Law, 1982)
      Statutes are a written communication between Parliament and the legislative audience. Statutory interpretation is the process whereby the legislative audience seeks to understand and thereby govern its actions by the ...
    • Contractual Legislation and Company Law 

      Finn, J.N. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 1982)
      In recent years the common law of contract has been greatly altered by the provisions of the Illegal Contracts Act 1970, the Contractual Mistakes Act 1977 and the Contractual Remedies Act 1979. Each of these statutes was ...
    • Housing policy 

      Henry, K. R. (University of Canterbury. Economics, 1982)
      In a number of Western countries, imputed rental income on owner-occupied housing is not taxed. In some countries, tax treatment is even more/favourable, with mortgage interest payments and/or local property taxes being ...
    • Lamb v London Borough of Camden: A Case of Shifting Foundations 

      Todd, S. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 1982)
      What is the proper test of causation when a defendant's breach of duty does not by itself cause damage to a plaintiff but provides the opportunity for a deliberate and harmful intervention by a third-party'?
    • Formalities, mistake and construction in the law of wills 

      Maxton, J. K. (University of Canterbury. Law, 1982)
      This thesis examines three aspects of the law of succession which, it is contended, are ripe for reform. Modern testamentary practice is governed by s.9 of the Wills Act 1837. That section stipulates the formalities which ...
    • Judicial Review of Universities - The Visitor and the visited 

      Caldwell, J.L. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 1982)
      The University visitor is a truly remarkable figure in English law. Described by one writer a "redolent of monarchical paternalism in an isolated unworldly community of scholars" this once remote figure has become prominent ...
    • International accidents and the choice of law 

      Richardson, S. M. (University of Canterbury. Law, 1982)
      The choice of law dilemma for international accidents is the subject of this thesis. Part A contains an outline and discussion of the traditional judicial approaches adopted for torts in general in various epochs by a ...
    • Consumer information in New Zealand : the regulation of advertising and disclosure of information relating to goods, services and associated credit 

      Tarr, Anthony Ashton (University of Canterbury. Law, 1982)
      A competitive marketplace for goods, services and associated credit is in no small measure dependent upon the existence of adequately informed consumers. Consumers who are ignorant of the full nature, quantity and price ...
    • Out on Bail - the Report of the Criminal Law Reform Committee on Bail 

      Finn, J.N. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 1983)
      In December 1982 the Criminal Law Reform Committee presented to the Minister of Justice a comprehensive report on bail and made many recommendations for changes in the current law and practice in this area. The primary ...
    • The Statutory Limitation of Single-Industry Unionism in New Zealand: A timely Reminder to the Craft Union 

      Joseph, Philip A. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 1983)
    • 'Legitimate Expectation' and the Rules of Natural Justice 

      Caldwell, J.L. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 1983)
      In recent years the nature and boundaries of "the duty to act fairly" has been the predominant subject of judicial and academic concern in any discussion on the application of the rules of natural justice. Now that the ...