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    • Introduction: What does it mean to be Feminist today? 

      Zeiher, Cindy; Grimshaw, Mike (2017)
    • Introduction: What is Intellectual Freedom Today? A Provocation 

      Grimshaw, Mike; Zeiher, Cindy (University of Canterbury, 2016)
    • The Invisibility of Intellectual Freedom 

      Robbins, Jeffrey W (University of Canterbury, 2016)
    • Jewish-Christian encounters, suicide and transitory spaces in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment and Trollope’s Nina Balatka 

      Mondry, Henrietta (University of Canterbury, 2019)
      Two nineteenth-century novelists, Dostoevsky and Trollope, in novels written in the same year 1866/67, chose liminal spaces for suicides. In Crime and Punishment Raskolnikov contemplates suicide by throwing himself off a ...
    • Journal of Initial Teacher Inquiry, Volume 1 November 2015 

      Jones, Graeme; Humphrey-Taylor, Heather; Gledhill, Aimee; Smaill, Erin; Proctor, Olivia; Noetzli, Veronica; Brownlee, Lucy; Sutton, Gareth; Foote, Alice; Hook, Nicole; Smith, Ethan; Areli, Sione; Wells, Corinna; Griffin, Kim; Sinclair, Nathan; Shimasaki, Nicholas; Williamson, Genevieve; Johnson, Sasha; Mehrtens, Nicole; McFadzien, Nicki; Price, Vanessa; Houghton, Christopher; Ewing, Hannah (University of Canterbury, College of Education, Health and Human Development, 2015)
      Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Journal of Initial Teacher Inquiry. This special issue has a focus on contemporary teaching and learning issues. This journal celebrates inquiry based research as conducted by Initial ...
    • Journal of Initial Teacher Inquiry, Volume 2 November 2016  

      Compton, Jessica; Buick, Danielle; Bodger, Glenn; White, Annabelle; Edmunds, Catherine; FitzGerald, Bethan; Reveley, Emma; van Gelder-Horgan, Karen; Wilson, Dan; Dickson, Madeleine; Thomas, Julie; Pavelka, Ariana (University of Canterbury, College of Education, Health and Human Development, 2016)
      Welcome to the second issue of the Journal of Initial Teacher Inquiry. This journal celebrates inquiry based research as conducted by Initial Teacher Education (ITE) students completing the intensive, one year Master of ...
    • Journal of Initial Teacher Inquiry, Volume 3 November 2017 

      Astall, Chris (2017)
      Welcome to the third issue of the Journal of Initial Teacher Inquiry. The journal celebrates inquiry based research as conducted by Initial Teacher Education (ITE) students completing the intensive, one year Master of ...
    • Lacan Contra Althusser: Dialectical Materialism vs Nominalism 

      Hamza, Agon (University of Canterbury, 2016)
    • Language use and language attitudes in New Caledonia with particular reference to French Creole Tayo 

      Bissoonauth, Anu (Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies, 2018)
      New Caledonia has an unusual language dynamic in comparison to other French overseas territories. In most of these islands, a French Creole is usually the lingua franca and has a lower status than French. In contrast, ...
    • Leaders in the desert: The Sahrawi women of Western Sahara 

      Higgs, Johanna; Ryan, Christine (Project Monma Research Centre, 2015)
      This report is based on research conducted in the Sahrawi refugee camps in southern Algeria in September of 2014. As two anthropologists we travelled to the refugee camps near Tindouf in southern Algeria to learn more about ...
    • Leaving the Twenty-First Century: A Conversation with McKenzie Wark 

      Holen, Tomas B.; Shammas, Victor L. (University of Canterbury, 2019)
      In this conversation, the acclaimed writer and media scholar McKenzie Wark discusses critical theory, global climate change, the future of the university, the capitalist labor process, and more. Drawing on books such as ...
    • The lessons from the post-WW2 occupation of Japan 

      Radimor, Compel (Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies, 2017)
      The American military occupation of Japan after 1945 has served as a widely admired example of successful post-conflict management. MacArthur’s General Headquarters not only achieved demilitarization and democratization ...
    • Lifestyle of working women in modern organization: Implications on health 

      Bhatti, Aisha; Ali, Rabia (Project Monma Research Centre, 2015)
      The relationship between the lifestyle of professional women and their health has been researched across the globe, including in developing countries. However, the area remains under-published in the context of Pakistan. ...
    • Lila 

      Mishra, Sudesh (Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies, 2018)
      Evening. Dye from prayer flags mounted on bamboo poles runs into the western sky. They have fluttered here for over a century now and it is impossible to imagine the landscape without them: the mast of bamboo, the spinnaker ...
    • The Little objet a of Anarchist Philosophy 

      Rousselle, Duane (University of Canterbury, 2019)
      Lacanian theory maintains that the “object” of psychoanalysis is that which one is never without. Put another way, the “object” is actually not an object at all: it is the objet petit a, which is the cause of the subject’s ...
    • L’ “il y a” du rapport antagoniste. Three notes on Zupančič’s “What IS Sex?” 

      Bianchi, Pietro (University of Canterbury, 2018)
      “Il n’y a aucun espace réel. C’est une construction purement verbale” (Lacan, 2005, 86). ‘There is no Real space. It is a purely verbal construction’. In this, rather surprising, expression used in the seminar dedicated ...
    • M – C – M’ and the End of the “Transformation Problem” 

      Moseley, Fred (University of Canterbury, 2017)
      The main reason for rejecting Marx’s theory over the last century has been the infamous “transformation problem”. The critics argue that in Marx’s theory of prices of production he “failed to transform the inputs” of ...
    • Man is a Werewolf to Man: Capital and the Limits of Political Anthropology 

      Read, Jason (University of Canterbury, 2017)
      In the nineteen sixties and seventies the question of Marx's humanism, his attachment to an idea of human nature, was hotly debated. In the years since that debate has subsided the question of Marx and the human has emerged ...
    • Marx and Art: Use, Value, Poetry 

      Alizadeh, Ali (University of Canterbury, 2017)
      Despite Karl Marx’s overwhelming focus on economics and politics – culminating in Capital: Critique of Political Economy – his philosophy has inspired an array of Marxist or Marxian theories regarding the arts. Yet, the ...
    • The Marxist analysis of Manjula Padmanabhan’s “Lights Out” 

      Bhargavi, G Vasishta (Project Monma Research Centre, 2017)
      The societal rules have been largely shaped by the male-dominated legislators and forces where there is a limited right to exist for a woman. The woman though married or unmarried or a prostitute the way the society looks ...