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    • Creating Global Resilience: Pushing the boundaries from either ends of the world 

      Power, P.; Seville, E. (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 2008)
    • The Creation of Long Distance Directional Plasma Discharges via the Exploding Wire Technique 

      Smith, David William Robin (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2008)
      This thesis describes the work completed to create long distance directional discharge using the exploding wire technique. A historical literature review gives the previous works completed on exploding wires dating ...
    • Credibility of the Final Results from Quantitative Stochastic Simulation 

      Ewing, G.; McNickle, D.; Pawlikowski, K. (University of CanterburyUniversity of Canterbury. Computer Science and Software Engineering, 1995)
    • Credibility of the final results from quantitative stochastic simulation 

      Ewing, G.; McNickle, D.; Pawlikowski, K. (University of Canterbury, 1995)
      The credibility of estimated confidence intervals for mean values produced by quantitative stochastic simulation is considered. Basic rules of proper experimental studies of quality of such interval estimators is formulated ...
    • Criteria for two-dimensional circle planes 

      Polster, B.; Steinke, Günter F. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Mathematics, 1994)
      We give some easy to use criteria for deciding whether a Möbius plane, Laguerre plane or Minkowski plane, given in some normal form, is 2-dimensional. As an application of our results we prove that a Laguerre plane or ...
    • Critical Basin at Risk: Assessing and managing ecosystem pressures from development and climate change in the 3S basin 

      Cochrane, T.A.; Arias, M.E.; Piman, T.; Shrestha, B.; Oeurng, C. (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 2014)
    • A critical examination of seismic response uncertainty analysis in earthquake engineering 

      Bradley, B.A. (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 2013)
      The last decade of performance-based earthquake engineering (PBEE) research has seen a rapidly increasing emphasis placed on the explicit quantification of uncertainties. This paper examines uncertainty consideration in ...
    • Critical Speeds of an HJ364 Water Jet Assembly 

      Brittenden, Ashley Edward (University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2012)
      With a new range of water jet assemblies under development, CWF Hamilton & Co. Ltd. highlighted the need to establish a validated model for predicting critical speeds. A review of the relevant literature revealed a significant ...
    • Critical uncertainties in the analysis of pile in liquefying soils 

      Haskell, J.J.M.; Cubrinovski, M.; Bradley, B.A. (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 2009)
      The simplified analysis of piles in liquefying and laterally spreading soils is burdened by uncertainties. Key parameters affecting the pile response, such as the stiffness degradation and lateral displacement of the soil, ...
    • A critique of Kodaganallur, Weitz and Rosenthal "A comparison of model-tracing and constraint-based intelligent tutoring paradigms" 

      Mitrovic, A.; Ohlsson, S. (University of Canterbury. Computer Science and Software Engineering., 2006)
      In the following, we group the flaws in the authors' paper into three sections. We first address KWR's misconceptions regarding the constraint representation that is the core of the CBM approach and the suboptimal ...
    • Cross-Cultural Study of Expressive Avatars 

      Bartneck, C.; Takahashi T; Katagiri Y (2004)
      Avatars play an important role in international online communities. While certain simple expressions, such as facial emotional expressions are cultural independent, more complex expressions might not be. Therefore we ...
    • Crowd characteristics and egress at stadia 

      Hoskin, K.; Spearpoint, M.J. (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering., 2004)
      This paper investigates emergency egress considerations of stadia by examining occupant characteristics and discussing how effective crowd management can be used to improve evacuation procedures. The findings are based ...
    • Crown biomass response of 7 year old Pinus radiata D. Don to fertilisation and thinning 

      Draper, Dale A. (University of Canterbury. Forestry, 1980)
      Within-crown and total tree biomass of 7 year old Pinus radiata D. Don was followed for two years in response to thinning and N fertilisation in a 2² factorial. A non-destructive biomass estimation procedure is described ...
    • Cruelty towards robots 

      Rosalia C; Menges R; Deckers I; Bartneck, C. (2005)
      We set out to test if the Media Equation could be applied to robots too, especially with negative behavior. This would mean that we, humans, are inclined to treat robots as same as we would another human-being. To do ...
    • Cryogenic refrigeration using an acoustic stirling expander. 

      Emery, Nick (University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2011)
      A single-stage pulse tube cryocooler was designed and fabricated to provide cooling at 50 K for a high temperature superconducting (HTS) magnet, with a nominal electrical input frequency of 50 Hz and a maximum mean helium ...
    • A CTFM synthetic aperture sonar 

      Hayes, Michael P. (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 1989)
      This thesis describes the theory and operation of a seafloor imaging Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS), based on broadband Continuous Tone Frequency Modulation (CTFM). Narrowband synthetic aperture techniques are reviewed, ...
    • Cultural differences in attitudes towards robots 

      Bartneck, C.; Nomura T; Kanda T; Suzuki T; Kato K (AISB, 2005)
      This study presents the result of a cross-cultural study of negative attitude towards robots. A questionnaire was presented to Dutch, Chinese, German, Mexican, American (USA) and Japanese participants based on the Negative ...
    • Culture Matters: A Study on Presence in an Interactive Movie 

      Hu J; Bartneck, C. (Mary Ann Liebert Inc, 2008)
      A cross cultural study was conducted to test the influences of different cultural backgrounds on the user's presence experience in interacting with a distributed interactive movie. The effects of embodied interaction on ...
    • Cumulative time in band (cTIB): Glycemic level, variability and patient outcome all in one 

      Penning, S.; Signal, M.; Preiser, J.-C.; Shaw, G.M.; Le Compte, A.J.; Pretty, C.G.; Desaive, T.; Chase, J.G. (University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2012)
      Safe, effective glycemic control (GC) can improve outcomes, but is difficult to achieve consistently. Glycemic level and variability are independently associated with mortality. Patho-physiologically, the negative outcomes ...
    • Cunninghamia lanceolata (Chinese fir) : a study of its potential as a commercial plantation species in New Zealand 

      Fung, Lindsay E. (University of Canterbury. Forestry, 1993)
      Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) Hook. (Chinese fir) is an evergreen conifer occurring naturally in the sub-tropical region of central - southern China. C. lanceolata is considered one of the most important trees in China, ...