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    • Brazilian begomovirus populations are highly recombinant, rapidly evolving, and segregated based on geographical location 

      Rocha, C.S.; Castillo-Urquiza, G.P.; Lima, A.T.M.; Silva, F.N.; Xavier, C.A.D.; Hora-Júnior, B.T.; Beserra-Júnior, J.E.A.; Malta, A.W.O; Varsani, A.; Alfenas-Zerbini, P.; Mizubuti, E.S.G.; Zerbini, F.M; Martin, D.P. (University of Canterbury. Biological Sciences, 2013)
      The incidence of begomovirus infections in crop plants sharply increased in Brazil during the 1990s following the introduction of the invasive B biotype of the whitefly vector, Bemisia tabaci. It is believed that this ...