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    • Stratospheric Injection of Brominated Very Short‐Lived Substances: Aircraft Observations in the Western Pacific and Representation in Global Models 

      Wales PA; Salawitch RJ; Nicely JM; Anderson DC; Canty T; Baidar S; Dix B; Koenig TK; Volkamer R; Chen D; Hueg LG; Tanner DJ; Cuevas CA; Fernandez RP; Kinnison D; Lamarque J-F; Saiz-Lopez A; Atlas EL; Hall SR; Navarro MA; Pan L; Schauffler SM; Stell M; Tilmes S; Ullman K; Weinheimer AJ; Akiyoshi H; Chipperfield M; Deushi M; Dhomse S; Feng W; Graf P; Hossaini R; Jockel P; Mancini E; Michou M; Morgenstern O; Oman L; Pitari G; Plummer D; Revell LE; Rozanov E; Saint-Martin D; Schofield R; Stenke A; Stone K; Visioni D; Yamashita Y; Zeng G (2018)
      We quantify the stratospheric injection of brominated very short-lived substances (VSLS) based on aircraft observations acquired in winter 2014 above the Tropical Western Pacific during the CONvective TRansport of Active ...