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    • Update on global ozone: past, present, and future 

      Pawson S; Steinbrecht W; Charlton-Perez AJ; Fujiwara M; Karpechko AY; Petropavlovskikh I; Urban J; Weber M; Aquila V; Chehade W; Cionni I; Coldewey-Egbers M; Delcloo A; Dhomse SS; Eyring V; Fleming E; Frith SM; Froidevaux L; Gillett NP; Hassler B; Hegglin MI; Kinnison DE; Loyola D; McLinden CA; Oman LD; Plummer DA; Revell LE; Sakazaki T; Seviour W; Tegtmeier S; van der A RJ; Wild J (World Meteorological Organization, 2014)
      This chapter deals with the evolution of global ozone outside of the polar regions. The increase of ozone depleting substance (ODS) concentrations caused the large ozone decline observed from 1980 to the mid- 1990s. Since ...