Recent Submissions

  • An American Witness: Edith Wharton and World War One 

    Montgomery, M.E. (University of Canterbury. School of Humanities and Creative Arts, 2015)
  • Comment on sustainability and innovation in staple crop production in the US Midwest 

    Apiolaza, L.A. (University of Canterbury. School of Forestry, 2014)
    In a recent article Heinemann et al. (2013) focused “on the US staple crop agrobiodiversity, particularly maize” using the contrast between the yield of Western Europe and United States as a proxy for the comparison between ...
  • Tony Fomison : an artist's life. 

    Strongman, Lara (University of Canterbury, 1991)
    Tony Fomison, New Zealand artist, was born in Christchurch in 1939 and died at Whangarei in 1990. He lived an extreme and仕equentlyeccentric life, during which he produced a substantial body of work in a variety of media. The ...
  • Women in paid domestic labour in Christchurch 

    Watt, Joanne Ruth (University of Canterbury, 1985)
    This study of women in paid domestic labour looks mainly at the influence of a system of capitalist patriarchy on the lives of working-class women. The historical situation of women in New Zealand is studied in depth ...
  • The history of the first and second sessions of the fourth New Zealand parliament, 1866-1867. 

    Gallagher, Halsey Alexander William (University of Canterbury, 1938)
  • Verbal and visual structures in the novels of Thackeray. 

    Rawlence, Grant William (University of Canterbury, 1973)
  • NCEA Japanese Workshop held in Christchurch 

    Payne, R.; Boyd, T.; Chen, D. (University of Canterbury. Global, Cultural and Language StudiesUniversity of Canterbury. School of Language, Social and Political Sciences, 2015)
  • Haunted by a Present Absence 

    Tonkin, L. (University of Canterbury. School of Language, Social and Political SciencesUniversity of Canterbury. Sociology, 2012)
    This is a sociological ghost story of sorts but rather than the malevolent ghosts of people who have died, the ghostly subjects of this story are those of children and of maternal subjectivities which are ‘only’ fantasies, ...
  • Gaining acceptance: Discourses on training and qualifications in peer support 

    Scott, A. (University of Canterbury. School of Language, Social and Political SciencesUniversity of Canterbury. Sociology and Anthropology, 2015)
    The debate relating to formal qualifications for peer support in mental health reflects conflicting ideas about the nature of this new occupation. Three discourses among peer supporters/peer support managers in New ...
  • A Warning to the Curious: Medieval and Early Modern Collections in Aotearoa New Zealand 

    Jones, C. (University of Canterbury. School of Humanities and Creative ArtsUniversity of Canterbury. History, 2015)
  • European Union development aid allocations 

    Blucher, Milos (University of Canterbury, 2015)
    Development aid is an important feature of the international system, and the European Union (EU) and its Member States together form the world’s largest development aid donor. This research investigates the extent to which ...
  • The Concept of Common Humanity and Humanitarian Intervention 

    McGloin, Thomas (University of Canterbury, 2015)
    This thesis explores the rise in the use of the term ‘common humanity’ in justifying humanitarian intervention and the effectiveness of its use. The concept of common humanity is a rising phenomenon in international politics ...
  • The hands, head and brow: A sociolinguistics study of Māori gesture 

    Gruber, J.; King, J.; Hay, J.; Johnston, L. (University of Canterbury. Aotahi School of Māori and Indigenous StudiesUniversity of Canterbury. School of Language, Social and Political SciencesUniversity of Canterbury. Vice-Chancellors OfficeUniversity of Canterbury. LinguisticsUniversity of Canterbury. New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain and Behaviour, 2016)
    This paper examines the speech-accompanying gesture and other kinesic behaviour of bilingual English-Māori and monolingual English speakers in New Zealand. Physical expression has long been regarded a key component of ...
  • Union of Democratic Control 

    Monger, D. (Freie Universität BerlinUniversity of Canterbury. School of Humanities and Creative ArtsUniversity of Canterbury. History, 2015)
    The Union of Democratic Control was a prominent opposition group in Britain that particularly criticised the operation of British foreign policy and the role of "secret diplomacy". It advocated public oversight of diplomacy ...
  • The literary theory of Harold Bloom. 

    Armstrong, Timothy David (University of Canterbury, 1980)
    Harold Bloom's critical work involves a systematic attempt to unify rhetoric and psychology into a theory which provides an account of the nature, aetiology and structuring principles of influence in Post-Renaissance ...
  • The felicitous space of Elizabeth von Arnim. 

    Bollard, Jennifer Jane (University of Canterbury, 1995)
    This thesis focuses on an ensemble of the writings of Elizabeth von Arnim which, when examined intratextually as well as intertextually, reveals an interanimation of her life with her text: this includes her life as ...
  • "No man but me" : Chaucer's Legend of good women and the ironic subversion of masculine representation. 

    Hayward, Rebecca Jane (University of Canterbury, 1993)
    In Chaucer's Legend of Good Women, irony comes from both the narrator's perspective on the women he aims to represent in the legends, and from the author's and reader's perspectives on the narrator as a constructed ...
  • Illumination of music : the writings of Dylan Thomas 

    Swindells, D. A. (University of Canterbury, 1981)
    In this thesis I examine the importance of music in the writings of Dylan Thomas. Thomas grew up in Wales, and he often suggested that his fascination with the sounds of the English language derived from this Welshness. ...
  • From the sublime to the numinous : a study of Gothic qualities in the poetry and drama of Shelley's Italian period 

    Percival, Robert (University of Canterbury, 2000)
    In this thesis I consider six poems which Shelley wrote in Italy, between 1818 and his death in 1822: Prometheus Unbound, The Cenci, "On the Medusa of Leonardo da Vinci in the Florentine Gallery", "Ode to the West Wind", ...

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