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  • Biochemical Sensing Assays based on Coalescence-induced Self-propulsion Digital Microfluidics 

    Nock, V.; Muller, Y.; Sellier, M.; Verdier, C. (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer EngineeringUniversity of Canterbury. Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Canterbury. Biomolecular Interaction Centre, 2013)
    This work reports on coalescence-induced selfpropulsion as a driving mechanism to actuate microfluidic droplet assays. We demonstrate multi-droplet translation and assay-type sensing on a digital microfluidics platform ...
  • Integrative Approach to the Plant Commissioning Process 

    Lawry, K.; Pons, D.J. (University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2013)
    Commissioning is essential in plant-modification projects, yet tends to be ad hoc. The issue is not so much ignorance as lack of systematic approaches. This paper presents a structured model wherein commissioning is ...
  • 'Russian supermarkets' in Israel and paradoxes of food nostalgia in Israeli-Russian writers 

    Mondry, H. (University of Canterbury. Global, Cultural and Language StudiesUniversity of Canterbury. School of Humanities and Creative ArtsUniversity of Canterbury. School of Language, Social and Political SciencesUniversity of Canterbury. English, 2015)
  • Resin spotting in medium density fibreboard. 

    Cooper, Michael David (University of Canterbury, 1992)
    This project investigated the problem of resin spotting in Medium Density Fibreboard, (MDF). It tried to determine the cause and also ways to eliminate the problem preferably from the source. The object was to identify ...
  • Fouling and cleaning of reverse osmosis membranes in the dairy industry. 

    Tew, Xiao Wei (University of Canterbury, 2015)
    Reverse osmosis is used for the concentration of milk to reduce transportation costs from farms, and also within dairy factories to concentrate dairy liquids. There are many components, including salts, proteins, and fat ...

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