Understanding the role of local food providers in building community well-being

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Cameron, Jessica Margaret

This master’s thesis research project aims to investigate how local food providers who use short food supply chains contribute to community well-being. This research contributes to the supply chain management knowledge base, with a focus on community well-being and supply chain social capital. This research is conducted in Christchurch, New Zealand, and provides context for local policy makers looking to develop community well-being and resilience. This research also enhances our understanding of how organisations contribute to creating sustainable cities and communities, which is a UN Sustainable Development Goal. Achieving the SDGs is important for society as a whole, as they help to prepare us for future long-term grand challenges, such as climate change. Literature on the broad topic of food supply chains is reviewed, with the focus then narrowing to short food supply chains. Food security is also addressed. Next, the concepts of community well-being and community resilience are introduced. These two topics are then discussed together, in the context of communities. An interpretivist paradigm using qualitative research methods and a social capital lens is used to answer the research question “How do local food providers use their supply chains to contribute to community well-being?” A multiple-case study approach is employed for analysing data gathered through participant-observation and semi- structured interviews. Within-case and cross-case analysis is performed to understand how these organisations use short food supply chains to contribute to community well-being. Two theoretical propositions emerge as a result of this study, which aid the wider Christchurch community in achieving the City Councils objectives, and New Zealand in working towards achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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