Making sense of blockchain in food supply-chains

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Croxson, Andrew
Sharma, Ravi S.
Wingreen, Stephen

Blockchain is a potentially disruptive and game-changing technology that has created excitement about its potential applications. The agriculture industry in New Zealand is facing increased pressure to be able to accurately track and trace their produce in order to provide higher levels of proof to their customers. This study used a q-methodology approach to examine whether blockchain technology can be the solution to these issues and provides recommendations as to what businesses need to in order to make this a reality. The empirical research revealed four distinct groups within the industry; each with different perspectives of blockchain and its potential. Results also found that while industry experts believe blockchain implementation is inevitable and it will solve the current issues, factors such as high set-up costs and the complexity of technology may be inhibitors. Based on these findings, key recommendations on how the industry should proceed in order to overcome these factors that are preventing adoption are derived. Further research is suggested on how the challenges of food safety and security may be overcome with emerging technologies such as Blockchain, IoT and AI.

Croxson A, Sharma R, Wingreen S (2019). Making sense of blockchain in food supply-chains. Fremantle, Western Australia: 30th Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS 2019). 09/12/2019-11/12/2019.
value chain, trust-less platform, q-methodology, precision food systems
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Field of Research::15 - Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services::1503 - Business and Management::150309 - Logistics and Supply Chain Management
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