Catalytically active interfaces in titania nanorod-supported copper catalysts for CO oxidation

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Khan W
Chen SS
Tsang DCW
Teoh WY
Hu X

One-dimensional titanium dioxide nanorod (TNR)-supported Cu catalysts (2.5-12.5 wt%) were synthesized using deposition-precipitation. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, temperature programmed reduction and CO chemisorption measurements showed that Cu doping over TNR offered metal-support interactions and interfacial active sites that had a profound impact on the catalytic performance. The role of the Cu-TNR interface was investigated by comparing the catalytic activity of Cu-TNR catalysts with that of pure CuO nanoparticles in CO oxidation. The presence of highly dispersed copper species, a high number of interfacial active sites, CO adsorption capacity and surface/lattice oxygen were found to be responsible for the excellent activity of 7.5Cu-TNR (i.e., Cu loading of 7.5 wt% on TNR). Moreover, the Cu-TNR catalysts followed the Langmuir-Hinshelwood reaction mechanism with 7.5Cu-TNR, exhibiting an apparent activation energy of 44.7 kJ/mol. The TNR-supported Cu catalyst gave the highest interfacial catalytic activity in medium-temperature CO oxidation (120 – 240 °C) compared to other commonly used supports, including titanium dioxide nanoparticles (TiO2-P25), silica (SiO2) and alumina (Al2O3) in which copper species were nonhomogeneously dispersed. This study confirms that medium-temperature CO oxidation is highly sensitive to the morphology and structure of the supporting material.

Khan W, Chen SS, Tsang DCW, Teoh WY, Hu X, Lam FLY, Yip ACK (2020). Catalytically active interfaces in titania nanorod-supported copper catalysts for CO oxidation. Nano Research.
supported catalysts, nanorod, oxygen species, interfacial active sites, CO oxidation
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