Solar Tsunamis: Space Weather Prediction and Risk Mitigation for New Zealand's Energy Infrastructure

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Hardie S
Watson N
Peterson T
Heise W
Welling D
Ingham M
Grant C
Dalzell M
Wang T
Rodger C

Led by Professor Craig Rodger (University of Otago) we are undertaking a 5 year research programme investigating space weather impacts on key infrastructure. Both Transpower Ltd and the nation's largest gas pipeline operator, First Gas Ltd, are partners in this research proposal. Independently, with major shared objectives, they have identified the most crucial issues for NZ in this field of hazard mitigation research. To address these knowledge gaps, the research team has developed a Research Plan comprising a set of interlocking work packages outlined below. WP1: How likely is an extreme geomagnetic storm impacting New Zealand? What would this storm be like? WP2: What is the electrical resistivity structure of New Zealand? WP3: How do we predict the changing magnetic field across New Zealand during geomagnetic storms? WP4: Build and validate a 3-D GIC physics-based model for New Zealand. WP5: What forecasting and nowcasting tools can we provide to New Zealand industry operators? WP6: What is the incremental impact on many geomagnetic storms on core electrical infrastructure? WP7: How will New Zealand's natural gas pipeline protection systems be impacted by an extreme space weather event? WP8: Maximise the public awareness through outreach. This paper will provide an overview of the planned research and how it is applicable to the New Zealand electricity industry.

Lapthorn A, Hardie S, Watson N, Peterson T, Heise W, Welling D, Ingham M, Grant C, Dalzell M, Wang T, Rodger C (2021). Solar Tsunamis: Space Weather Prediction and Risk Mitigation for New Zealand's Energy Infrastructure. Wellington: EEA Conference & Exhibition 2021. 02/08/2021-04/08/2021.
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Fields of Research::40 - Engineering::4008 - Electrical engineering::400805 - Electrical energy transmission, networks and systems
Fields of Research::37 - Earth sciences::3701 - Atmospheric sciences::370101 - Adverse weather events
Fields of Research::40 - Engineering::4005 - Civil engineering::400508 - Infrastructure engineering and asset management
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