Bring your own device (BYOD) and teacher pedagogy in a New Zealand primary school.

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Rae G
Dabner NJ
Mackey J

The practice of students bringing their own mobile devices (BYOD) to school is increasingly being used to leverage digital learning opportunities in New Zealand schools. This paper presents a summary of the findings from a case study that explored the experiences of three primary school teachers as they introduced BYOD into their classrooms for the first time. The aim of the study was to understand the impact BYOD had upon their pedagogical practices and to identify factors that influenced these practices. The paper includes recommendations for schools and teachers who may be considering implementing BYOD in the future.

: Rae G., Dabner N., & Mackey J. (2017). Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and teacher pedagogy in a New Zealand primary school. Waikato Journal of Education, 17(2), 53–60.
BYOD, case study, pedagogy, SAMR model
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