Introduction: Supporting the sustainable implementation of mobile learning for higher education in the Asia-pacific region

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Murphy A
Farley, Helen

The Asia-Pacific region has become a growth centre for digital innovation and economic prosperity, with innovations in mobile technologies and applications acting as a vehicle for disparate populations to gain greater access to education and other essential services. The successful integration of innovations that leverage the potential of mobile technologies for learning is therefore high on the agenda for higher education leaders from the Asia-Pacific. This book brings together discussion papers and case studies from authors in 16 countries within the Asia-Pacific region including China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos PDR, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, Pakistan, Russia, Australia (including regional and remote areas), New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and Fiji. Each chapter highlights the personal experiences or insights obtained from pioneers who are developing and implementing mobile learning initiatives as either pilot projects or as part of a cross-institutional strategy within learning institutions or Asia-Pacific communities. The chapters also address the implications of mobile learning for the four levels of stakeholders within higher education institutions. This introductory chapter provides an overview of each of these levels that form a framework to guide the implementation of sustainable mobile learning solutions for teaching and learning in the Asia-Pacific region.

Murphy A, Farley H (2017). Introduction: Supporting the sustainable implementation of mobile learning for higher education in the Asia-pacific region. Springer Singapore.
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