Developing strategic cycling principles for Regional Land Transport Strategies

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Bryan, N.
Koorey, Glen

Recent transport policies and legislation by central government now impose an obligation on regional councils to consider how best to provide for and encourage cycling within their Regional Land Transport Strategies (RLTS). Environment Canterbury has already undertaken a number of initiatives in this area to date. A model cycling strategy was produced to provide constituent local authorities with a template for developing their own strategies. A strategy for the development of a regional network of cycle routes was developed identifying long-distance cycling issues across the region. Finally, as part of the update of the current RLTS, key principles for developing cycling within the region have been produced for inclusion in the Strategy to further guide implementation of the policy. This paper discusses the work involved in undertaking these initiatives and the key concepts and issues for cycling identified.

Runner-up, NZAA Prize for Best Paper
Koorey, G. and Bryan, N. (2004) Developing Strategic Cycling Principles for Regional Land Transport Strategies. Wellington, New Zealand: IPENZ Transportation Group Technical Conference, 8 Sep 2004. 12 p.
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