The use of a video self-modeling intervention to toilet train children with autism: A presentation of three research studies

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University of Canterbury. School of Health Sciences
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McLay, L.
Carnett, A.
van der Meer, L.
Drysdale, B.
Lee, C.
Anderson, A.

This symposium presents the findings of three studies that evaluated the effectiveness of a Video Self-Modeling (VSM) intervention designed to teach toileting skills to five children with autism. Study 1 used VSM to represent the steps in the toileting sequence, with the exception of in-toilet voiding. Here the child acquired the sequential steps, but did not learn in-toilet elimination. The latter two studies used a multiple baseline design and intervention consisted of the use of VSM (including animation to depict in-toilet urination), prompting, and reinforcement. In Study 2 both participants acquired the steps in the toileting sequence however, one participant began using the toilet appropriately prior to introducing the video. Study 3 extended upon previous findings by including animation to depict in-toilet defecation and requests to use the toilet within the VSM. Results suggest the intervention package was effective in teaching the sequence of behaviors, as well as in-toilet urination to both children. One child also learnt to defecate on the toilet, providing support for animation as an effective model. In each study acquired behaviors generalized across settings and were maintained at follow-up. Issues regarding key components of effective VSM interventions and the importance of pre-requisite skills will be discussed.

McLay, L., Carnett, A., van der Meer, L. (2015) The use of a video self-modeling intervention to toilet train children with autism: A presentation of three research studies. Kyoto, Japan: 8th International Association for Behavior Analysis International Conference (ABAI), 27-29 Sep 2015.
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