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    • YAC-Bus : an interface for microprocessor-controlled peripherals 

      Stott, C. P. (University of Canterbury. Computer Science, 1980)
      The use of the microprocessor to control a computer's peripheral changes the criteria for the interface between the peripheral and computer. An interface is described in which the data handled by the peripheral is stored ...
    • YACAS : a batch computer animation system 

      Britton, Thomas J. (University of Canterbury. Computer Science, 1978)
      This thesis describes the design and implementation of a computer animation system called YACAS. YACAS is a batch animation system consisting of two parts. One part is a set of subroutines written in Burroughs Extended ...
    • Zinc Oxide MESFET Transistors 

      Turner, Gary Chandler (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2009)
      Zinc oxide is a familiar ingredient in common household items including sunscreen and medicines. It is, however, also a semiconductor material. As such, it is possible to use zinc oxide (ZnO) to make semiconductor devices ...