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    • Dissecting accretion and outflows in accreting white dwarf binaries 

      Martino DD; Sala G; Balman S; Bernardini F; Bianchini A; Bode M; Bonnet-Bidaud J-M; Falanga M; Greiner J; Groot P; Hernanz M; Israel G; Jose J; Motch C; Mouchet M; Norton AJ; Nucita A; Orio M; Osborne J; Ramsay G; Rodriguez-Gil P; Scaringi S; Schwope A; Traulsen I; Tamburini F (2015)
      This is a White Paper in support of the mission concept of the Large Observatory for X-ray Timing (LOFT), proposed as a medium-sized ESA mission. We discuss the potential of LOFT for the study of accreting white ...