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    • OASIS : an object oriented animation system in Scheme. 

      Munnings, Peter (University of Canterbury, 1987)
      The main aim of this project is to develop an animation system for simple geometric objects. Of course this is not a very clear definition of what is required. While working on this project, the objectives to be reached ...
    • Object Oriented Metrics: Precision Tools and Configurable Visualisations 

      Churcher, N.; Irwin, W. (Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, University of CanterburyUniversity of Canterbury. Computer Science and Software Engineering, 2003)
      Software metrics are a valuable tool in helping software engineers to develop large, complex software systems. However, it is vital that transparency and precision are maintained at all stages. We contend that without ...
    • Object-oriented model representation for control systems analysis 

      Kreutzer, W. (University of Canterbury, 1988)
      The representation of systems is a key issue in system theory and computer-aided control engineering. This paper discusses different ways to represent systems and suggests an approach based on object-oriented programming ...
    • Oblique wave groups in deep water 

      Bryant, Peter John (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Mathematics, 1982)
      Oblique wave groups consist of waves whose straight parallel lines of constant phase are oblique to the straight parallel lines of constant phase of the group. Numerical solutions for periodic oblique wave groups with ...
    • On 4-dimensional elation Laguerre planes admitting simple lie groups of automorphisms 

      Steinke, Günter F. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Mathematics, 1997)
      This paper concerns 4-dimensional ( topological locally compact connected) elation Laguerre planes that admit large automorphism groups. In particular, it is shown that such a plane is classical if its automorphism group ...
    • On 4-dimensional Minkowski planes with 7-dimensional automorphism group 

      Steinke, Günter F. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Mathematics, 1993)
      This paper concerns 4-dimensional (topological locally compact connected) Minkowski planes that admit a 7-dimensional automorphism group 𝚺. It is shown that such a plane is either classical or has a distinguished ...
    • On a conjecture of J.C. Butcher and H. Podhaisky 

      Coope, I. D. (University of Canterbury. Department of Mathematics and Statistics, 2006)
    • On a functional equation model of transient cell-growrh 

      Begg, Ronald; Wake, G.C.; Wall, David J. N. (University of Canterbury, 2004)
      A cell-growth model with applications to modelling the size distribution of diatoms is examined. The analytic solution to the model without dispersion is found and is shown to display periodic exponential growth rather ...
    • On a problem of Andersson and Perlman 

      Steel, M.A.; Wood, Graham R. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Mathematics, 1993)
      We present a simple solution to a problem posed recently by Andersson and Perlman. This solution allows us to find the conditional independence assumptions necessary to permit maximum likelihood estimation of the parameters ...
    • On an inverse problem from magnetic resonance elastic imaging 

      Wall, David J. N.; Olsson, Peter; Van Houten, Elijah E. W. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Mathematics, 2006)
      The imaging problem of elastography is an inverse problem. The nature of an inverse problem is that it is illconditioned. We consider properties of the mathematical map which describes how the elastic properties of the ...
    • On approximation of optimizing phylogenetic diversity for cluster systems 

      Faller, Beáta; Semple, Charles; Steel, M. A. (University of Canterbury, 2009)
      A basic question in conservation biology is how to maximize future biodiversity as species face extinction. One way to approach this question is by measuring the diversity of a set of species in terms of the evolutiona ...
    • On automorphisms of transformation semigroups 

      Levi, Inessa; Wood, Graham R. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Mathematics, 1993)
      This paper addresses the problem of describing automorphisms of semigroups of transformations. In [2] we were involved in characterizing all automorphisms of CroisotTeissier semigroups. The semigroups of transformations ...
    • On Fréchet differentiability of some non-linear operators occurring in inverse problems : an implicit function theorem approach 

      Connolly, Thomas John; Wall, David J. N. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Mathematics, 1990)
      The validity of Newton-Kantorovich methods for the computational solution of inverse problems is directly linked to the Fréchet differentiability of the appropriate non-linear operator. This paper illustrates how use of ...
    • On some differential equations arising in a time domain inverse scattering problem for a dissipative wave equation 

      Wall, D. J. N. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, 1990)
      The problem of identification of one spatially varying material property, defined within a slab, from boundary measurements is examined. This inverse problem is described by a functional differential equation. Uniqueness ...
    • On some inverse problems for a nonlinear transport equation 

      Connolly, T. John; Wall, David J.N. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Mathematics, 1996)
      Inverse problems for nonlinear transport or one-way wave equation are considered. Analytic solutions to the inverse problems are given and it is shown, for some signalling problems, that the inverse problem of determination ...
    • On some matrix trace inequalities 

      Renaud, P. F. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Mathematics, 1998)
      A number of authors have recently considered matrix trace inequalities of Cauchy-Schwartz type. We extend some of these results and look at some other classical inequalities which can be reformulated as more general trace ...
    • On the calculation of minimum variance estimators for unobservable dependent variables 

      Coope, Ian D. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Mathematics, 1993)
      The determination of minimum variance estimators in an unusual context is considered. The problem arises from an attempt to perform a regression with an unobservable dependent variable. The required minimum variance ...
    • On the continuity of the geometric operations in Minkowski planes with parallel classes S2 

      Steinke, Günter F. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Mathematics, 1993)
      In a Minkowski plane M with parallel classes S ² conditions are investigated that simplify the verification of the continuity of the geometric operations in order to show that M is a topological Minkowski plane. The point ...
    • On the existence of topological ovals in flat projective planes 

      Polster, B.; Rosehr, N.; Steinke, G.F. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Mathematics, 1996)
      We show that every flat projective plane contains topological ovals. This is achieved by completing certain closed partial ovals, the so-called quasi-ovals, to topological ovals.
    • On the non-existence of 5-(24,12,6) and 4-(23,11,6) designs 

      Breach, D. R. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Mathematics, 1977)
      It is shown that 5-(24,12,6) and 4-(23,11,6) designs cannot exist and that consequently a non-trivial 2-(2n+1,n,n-1) design can be extended to a 4-(2n+3,n+2,n-1) design if and only if n=4.