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    • A history of the environmental impact of NZ’s only mainland base: Vanda Station 

      Webster-Brown, J.G.; Hawes, I. (University of Canterbury. Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management, 2015)
      Vanda Station was built beside Lake Vanda in the Wright Valley, Victoria Land in 1968. It was occupied every summer field season, and occasionally over winter. In 1993 it was removed when the rising level of Lake Vanda ...
    • IceCube-Gen2 - The Next Generation Neutrino Observatory at the South Pole: Contributions to ICRC 2015 

      Collaboration TI-G; Aartsen MG; Abraham K; Ackermann M; Adams J; Aguilar JA; Ahlers M; Ahrens M; Altmann D; Anderson T; Ansseau I; Anton G; Archinger M; Arguelles C; Arlen TC; Auffenberg J; Axani S; Bai X; Bartos I; Barwick SW; Baum V; Bay R; Beatty JJ; Tjus JB; Becker K-H; Beiser E; BenZvi S; Berghaus P; Berley D; Bernardini E; Bernhard A; Besson DZ; Binder G; Bindig D; Bissok M; Blaufuss E; Blumenthal J; Boersma DJ; Bohm C; Börner M; Bos F; Bose D; Böser S; Botner O; Braun J; Brayeur L; Bretz H-P; Buzinsky N; Casey J; Casier M; Cheung E; Chirkin D; Christov A; Clark K; Classen L; Coenders S; Collin GH; Conrad JM; Cowen DF; Silva AHC; Daughhetee J; Davis JC; Day M; André JPAMD; Clercq CD; Rosendo EDP; Dembinski H; Ridder SD; Desiati P; Vries KDD; Wasseige GD; With MD; DeYoung T; Diaz-Vélez JC; Lorenzo VD; Dumm JP; Dunkman M; Eagan R; Eberhardt B; Ehrhardt T; Eichmann B; Euler S; Evans JJ; Evenson PA; Fadiran O; Fahey S; Fazely AR; Fedynitch A; Feintzeig J; Felde J; Filimonov K; Finley C; Fischer-Wasels T; Flis S; Fösig C-C; Fuchs T; Gaisser TK; Gaior R; Gallagher J; Gerhardt L; Ghorbani K; Gier D; Gladstone L; Glagla M; Glüsenkamp T; Goldschmidt A; Golup G; Gonzalez JG; Góra D; Grant D; Groh JC; Groß A; Ha C; Haack C; Ismail AH; Hallgren A; Halzen F; Hansmann B; Hanson K; Haugen J; Hebecker D; Heereman D; Helbing K; Hellauer R; Hellwig D; Hickford S; Hignight J; Hill GC; Hoffman KD; Hoffmann R; Holzapfel K; Homeier A; Hoshina K; Huang F; Huber M; Huelsnitz W; Hulth PO; Hultqvist K; In S; Ishihara A; Jacobi E; Japaridze GS; Jero K; Jones BJP; Jurkovic M; Kalekin O; Kaminsky B; Kappes A; Karg T; Karle A; Katori T; Katz U; Kauer M; Keivani A; Kelley JL; Kemp J; Kheirandish A; Kiryluk J; Kläs J; Klein SR; Kohnen G; Koirala R; Kolanoski H; Konietz R; Koob A; Köpke L; Kopper C; Kopper S; Koskinen DJ; Kowalski M; Krauss CB; Krings K; Kroll G; Kroll M; Kunnen J; Kurahashi N; Kuwabara T; Labare M; Lanfranchi JL; Larson MJ; Lesiak-Bzdak M; Leuermann M; Leuner J; LoSecco J; Lu L; Lünemann J; Madsen J; Maggi G; Mahn KBM; Marka S; Marka Z; Maruyama R; Mase K; Matis HS; Maunu R; McNally F; Meagher K; Medici M; Meli A; Menne T; Merino G; Meures T; Miarecki S; Middell E; Middlemas E; Mohrmann L; Montaruli T; Moore RW; Morse R; Nahnhauer R; Naumann U; Neer G; Niederhausen H; Nowicki SC; Nygren DR; Obertacke A; Olivas A; Omairat A; O'Murchadha A; Palazzo A; Palczewski T; Pandya H; Paul L; Pepper JA; Heros CPDL; Petersen TC; Pfendner C; Pieloth D; Pinat E; Pinfold JL; Posselt J; Price PB; Przybylski GT; Pütz J; Quinnan M; Raab C; Rädel L; Rameez M; Rawlins K; Reimann R; Relich M; Resconi E; Rhode W; Richman M; Richter S; Riedel B; Robertson S; Rongen M; Rott C; Ruhe T; Ryckbosch D; Saba SM; Sabbatini L; Sander H-G; Sandrock A; Sandroos J; Sandstrom P; Sarkar S; Schatto K; Scheriau F; Schimp M; Schmidt T; Schmitz M; Schoenen S; Schöneberg S; Schönwald A; Schulte L; Seckel D; Seunarine S; Shaevitz MH; Shanidze R; Smith MWE; Soldin D; Söldner-Rembold S; Song M; Spiczak GM; Spiering C; Stahlberg M; Stamatikos M; Stanev T; Stanisha NA; Stasik A; Stezelberger T; Stokstad RG; Stößl A; Ström R; Strotjohann NL; Sullivan GW; Sutherland M; Taavola H; Taboada I; Taketa A; Tanaka HKM; Ter-Antonyan S; Terliuk A; Tešić G; Tilav S; Toale PA; Tobin MN; Toscano S; Tosi D; Tselengidou M; Turcati A; Unger E; Usner M; Vallecorsa S; Vandenbroucke J; Eijndhoven NV; Vanheule S; Santen JV; Veenkamp J; Vehring M; Voge M; Vraeghe M; Walck C; Wallace A; Wallraff M; Wandkowsky N; Weaver C; Wendt C; Westerhoff S; Whelan BJ; Whitehorn N; Wichary C; Wiebe K; Wiebusch CH; Wille L; Williams DR; Wissing H; Wolf M; Wood TR; Woschnagg K; Wren S; Xu DL; Xu XW; Xu Y; Yanez JP; Yodh G; Yoshida S; Zoll M (2015)
      Papers submitted to the 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC 2015, The Hague) by the IceCube-Gen2 Collaboration. IceTop is the 1 km2 surface array of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory. Measurements of ground level ...
    • The influence of tongue position on trombone sound: A likely area of language influence 

      Heyne, M.; Derrick, D. (University of Canterbury. New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain & Behaviour, 2015)
      This paper builds on initial evidence of First Language influence on brass playing presented in Heyne and Derrick (2013) [13] by indicating how tongue positioning might affect trombone timbre. Ultrasound imaging ...
    • Informed Consent and Assisted Reproductive Technology: Proposed advice to the Minister of Health: Consultation document response 

      Reuvecamp I; Mason C; Graham F; Fitzpatrick J; Copland P; Stanton M; Payne D; Gunder A (2015)
    • An investigation into the southward migration of the Waimakariri River mouth 

      Boyle, Tony (Environment Canterbury, 2011)
      The Waimakariri River is currently migrating rapidly southwards. This report examines matters pertaining to this and recommends for reasons set out no action to halt this migration for the short to medium term.
    • Korea Microlensing Telescope Network Microlensing Events from 2015: Event-Finding Algorithm, Vetting, and Photometry 

      Kim D-J; Kim H-W; Hwang K-H; Albrow MD; Chung S-J; Gould A; Han C; Jung YK; Ryu Y-H; Shin I-G; Yee JC; Zhu W; Cha S-M; Kim S-L; Lee C-U; Lee Y; Park B-G; Pogge RW (2017)
      We present microlensing events in the 2015 Korea Microlensing Telescope Network (KMTNet) data and our procedure for identifying these events. In particular, candidates were detected with a novel "completed event" microlensing ...
    • Library on Location: Taking library services outside the library walls 

      Upjohn, M.J.; Fitchett, D.J. (University of Canterbury. Engineering LibraryUniversity of Canterbury. Physical Sciences Library, 2008)
      The community served by a library is often unaware of the range of resources and services its library provides. To address these issues, University of Canterbury librarians investigated a "Library on Location" service. ...
    • Library services without a library: post-earthquake use of virtual reference at University of Canterbury 

      Roberts, S.F.; Fitchett, D.J.; Paterson, M.E. (University of Canterbury. Library, 2011)
      Following the September 2010 earthquake and the closure of a number of campus libraries, library staff at the University of Canterbury was forced to rethink how they connected with their users. The established virtual ...
    • Managing Water Quantity at Allocation Limits 

      Jenkins, B.R. (University of Canterbury. Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management, 2013)
    • Maori tribal economy: rethinking the original economic institutions 

      Reid, J.; Rout, M. (LexingtonUniversity of Canterbury. Ngāi Tahu Research Centre, 2016)
    • Methods for field measurement and remote sensing of the swash zone 

      Pitman SJ (2014)
      Swash action is the dominant process responsible for the cross-shore exchange of sediment between the subaerial and subaqueous zones, with a significant part of the littoral drift also taking place as a result of swash ...
    • Mine remediation in New Zealand: Lessons from the (recent) past 

      Webster, J.G. (University of Canterbury. Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management, 2015)
      Two mines closed within 25yrs of each other, but with very different rehabilitation approaches. Lack of rehabilitation has led to serious, long term sediment contamination at Tui… particularly Mn, Cd and Zn Similar ...
    • Monitoring sediment production from forest road approaches to stream crossings in the Virginia Piedmont 

      Brown KR; Aust WM; McGuire KJ (2015)
      -Reopening of abandoned legacy roads is common in forest operations and represents a reduced cost in comparison to new road construction. However, legacy roads may have lower road standards and require additional best ...
    • Moving From Teaching to Learning: The Use of the Online Quiz in an Academic Legal Research Skills Programme 

      Roberts, S.F. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 2010)
      This presentation provides an overview of the development and use of an online quiz as part of the University of Canterbury’s Legal Research Skills teaching programme. Each year around 500 students enrol in the 100 ...
    • Neurovascular coupling: a parallel implementation 

      Dormanns, K.; Brown, R.; David, T. (University of Canterbury. UC High Performance Computing, 2015)
      A numerical model of neurovascular coupling (NVC) is presented based on neuronal activity coupled to vasodilation/contraction models via the astrocytic mediated perivascular K+ and the smooth muscle cell (SMC) Ca2+ pathway ...
    • Ngai Tahu and the New Zealand Treaty Settlement Process 

      Fisher, M. (University of Canterbury. Ngai Tahu Research Centre, 2015)
    • Non-metallic ultrasound probe holder for co-collection and co-registration with EMA 

      Derrick, D.; Best, C.T.; Fiasson, R. (University of Canterbury. New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain & Behaviour, 2015)
      Co-collection and co-registration of ultrasound images of the tongue and articulometry data requires the stabilization of the ultrasound probe relative to the head using a non-metallic system. Audio, ultrasound, and ...
    • A numerical study into minimal conditions of arterial vasomotion 

      Johny, J.P.; David, T. (University of Canterbury. BlueFern Super Computer, 2013)
      The occlusion of arteries during ischeamia causes a state of insufficient blood supply and hypoperfusion in downstream to keep the brain functioning. Hypoperfusion in human brain is a critical event which leads to ...
    • On the inter-dependence of tonal and vocalic production goals in Chinese 

      Shaw, J.; Wei-rong, C.; Proctor, M.I.; Derrick, D.; Dakhoul, E. (University of Canterbury. New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain & Behaviour, 2014)
      We studied tone-vowel coproduction using Electromagnetic Articulography (EMA). Fleshpoints on the tongue and jaw were tracked while native Chinese speakers (n = 6) produced three vowels, /a/, /i/, /u/, combined with ...
    • On-chip analysis of C. elegans muscular forces and locomotion patterns in microstructured environments 

      Johari, S.; Nock, V.; Alkaisi, M.M.; Wang, W. (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer EngineeringUniversity of Canterbury. Biomolecular Interaction Centre, 2013)
      The understanding of force interplays between an organism and its environment is imperative in biological processes. Noticeably scarce from the study of C. elegans locomotion is the measurement of the nematode locomotion ...