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    • Canterbury Water Management Strategy 

      Jenkins, B.; Friend, J.; Midgley, G. (University of Canterbury. Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management, 2014)
    • Citing the Institutional Repository 

      Angelo, Anton F; Walsh, Lucy-Jane; Thomson, Christoper (2016)
      We found over 1000 unique items in New Zealand Institutional Repositories gIRs) cited almost 2000 times in articles indexed by SCOPUS. Theses and grey materials are becoming mainstream scholarly communication.
    • Collaborative Governance and Accountability 

      Jenkins, B.R. (University of Canterbury. Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management, 2014)
    • Collaborative Management: Community Engagement Process as the Decision Making Process 

      Jenkins, B.; Henley, G. (University of Canterbury. Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management, 2013)
      Planning theory identifies a step-wise process for making decisions which typically include the following steps: define the problem, develop alternatives, evaluate alternatives, and make the decision. We are seeing the ...
    • Community-led Disaster Risk Management: a Māori response to Ōtautahi (Christchurch) earthquakes 

      Kenney, C.; Phibbs, S.; Paton, D.; Reid, J.; Johnston, D.M. (University of Canterbury. Ngāi Tahu Research Centre, 2015)
    • A Comparison of Methods for Automated Motion Correction of DCE-MRI Perfusion Datasets Evaluated in Terms of Diagnostic Accuracy: A CE-MARC sub-study 

      Zakkaroff, C.; Radjenovic, A.; Biglands, J. D.; Plein, S.; Greenwood, J. P.; Magee, D. R. (University of Canterbury. UC High Performance Computing, 2014)
      Automated mage registration in cardiac myocardial perfusion is a necessity before quantitative perfusion can be widely accepted in clinical practice. Increasingly complex motion correction algorithms are being developed to ...
    • Complex display behaviour during the intraspecific interactions of myrmecomorphic jumping spiders (Araneae, Salticidae) 

      Nelson XJ; Jackson RR (TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD, 2007)
      Jumping spiders (Salticidae) are known for their elaborate vision-based display behaviour, and a sizeable minority of the species in this large family resemble ants. The display repertoire of two ant-like salticid species ...
    • Coordination of tongue tip and body in place differences among English coronal obstruents 

      Derrick, D.; Fiasson, R.; Best, C.T. (University of Canterbury. New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain & Behaviour, 2014)
      Using electromagnetometry tracking of the tongue, Best et al. (2010, 2014) have demonstrated that Wubuy, an Australian language with four coronal stop places, shows significant differences in tongue tip vs. tongue body ...
    • Data management plans: what are they and how libraries can help. 

      Angelo, Anton; Lund, Peter. (University of Canterbury. Library, 2013)
      Formal data management plans (DMPs) are becoming required for projects funded through UK and EU sources. Data sets are increasingly being expected to accompany papers in order to encourage re-analysis and scholarly ...
    • The Development of Sustainable Alternatives to Applicants' Proposals Using Collaborative Approaches 

      Jenkins, B.R. (University of Canterbury. Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management, 2013)
      The purpose of the Resource Management Act is to achieve sustainable management. However the development of alternatives is primarily the responsibility of applicants. In practice this usually leads to proposals that ...
    • E-readers: devices for passionate leisure readers or an empowering scholarly resource? 

      Lund, Peter. (University of Canterbury. Library, 2011)
      E-books are increasingly common in academic libraries and e-book reading devices such as the Kindle and iPad are achieving huge sales for leisure readers. The authors undertook a small study at Loughborough University ...
    • The Environmental Management of Pirongia Forest Park with a Focus on the Period Since 1970 

      Fisher, M. (University of Canterbury. Ngai Tahu Research Centre, 2014)
      This research commission is comprised of five documents instead of one: an environmental overview (together with the three topic-studies), and separate case studies on Whaingaroa Harbour, the Mokau River mouth, the Waipa ...
    • The Environmental Management of Whaingaroa/Raglan Harbour with a Focus on the Period Since 1970 

      Fisher, M. (University of Canterbury. Ngai Tahu Research Centre, 2014)
      The claims issues of relevance to this study of Whaingaroa Harbour generally focus on the management, environmental degradation and alleged cultural desecration of the Harbour by the Crown and its delegated local ...
    • The Environmental Performance of Participatory and Collaborative Governance: A Framework of Causal Mechanisms 

      Newig J; Challies E; Jager NW; Kochskaemper E; Adzersen A (2017)
      Many have advocated for collaborative governance and the participation of citizens and stakeholders on the basis that it can improve the environmental outcomes of public decision making, as compared to traditional, top-down ...
    • Ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status and educational achievement: An exploration 

      Easton, B (2013)
      The average PISA scores on the three dimensions of reading, mathematics and science literacy of New Zealand fifteen year-olds are high among the OECD countries. There are differences by ethnicity and class (and to a lesser ...
    • An evolving business model for scholarly publishing: exploring the payment of article processing charges (APCs) to achieve open access 

      Angelo, Anton; Lund, P. (University of Canterbury. Library, 2014)
      In terms of scholarly publishing the academic library’s role in Kaitiakitanga is changing. Open access is growing in importance as library budgets contract. There are two main routes to open access: the green route through ...
    • Examining speech production using masked priming 

      Davis, C.; Shaw, J.; Proctor, M.; Derrick, D.; Sherwood, S.; Kim, J. (University of Canterbury. New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain & Behaviour, 2015)
      The time to initiate naming a printed target word is reduced when preceded by an identical masked prime (match prime) or by one that has the same initial letter (onset prime) compared to an all letter different control. ...
    • Getting to know your food: the insights of indigenous thinking in food provenance 

      Reid J; Rout M (2016)
      © 2015, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht. Western consumers are increasingly demanding to know the provenance of their food. In New Zealand, Māori tribal enterprises are engaged in the food producing sectors of ...
    • A history of the environmental impact of NZ’s only mainland base: Vanda Station 

      Webster-Brown, J.G.; Hawes, I. (University of Canterbury. Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management, 2015)
      Vanda Station was built beside Lake Vanda in the Wright Valley, Victoria Land in 1968. It was occupied every summer field season, and occasionally over winter. In 1993 it was removed when the rising level of Lake Vanda ...
    • IceCube-Gen2 - The Next Generation Neutrino Observatory at the South Pole: Contributions to ICRC 2015 

      Collaboration TI-G; Aartsen MG; Abraham K; Ackermann M; Adams J; Aguilar JA; Ahlers M; Ahrens M; Altmann D; Anderson T; Ansseau I; Anton G; Archinger M; Arguelles C; Arlen TC; Auffenberg J; Axani S; Bai X; Bartos I; Barwick SW; Baum V; Bay R; Beatty JJ; Tjus JB; Becker K-H; Beiser E; BenZvi S; Berghaus P; Berley D; Bernardini E; Bernhard A; Besson DZ; Binder G; Bindig D; Bissok M; Blaufuss E; Blumenthal J; Boersma DJ; Bohm C; Börner M; Bos F; Bose D; Böser S; Botner O; Braun J; Brayeur L; Bretz H-P; Buzinsky N; Casey J; Casier M; Cheung E; Chirkin D; Christov A; Clark K; Classen L; Coenders S; Collin GH; Conrad JM; Cowen DF; Silva AHC; Daughhetee J; Davis JC; Day M; André JPAMD; Clercq CD; Rosendo EDP; Dembinski H; Ridder SD; Desiati P; Vries KDD; Wasseige GD; With MD; DeYoung T; Diaz-Vélez JC; Lorenzo VD; Dumm JP; Dunkman M; Eagan R; Eberhardt B; Ehrhardt T; Eichmann B; Euler S; Evans JJ; Evenson PA; Fadiran O; Fahey S; Fazely AR; Fedynitch A; Feintzeig J; Felde J; Filimonov K; Finley C; Fischer-Wasels T; Flis S; Fösig C-C; Fuchs T; Gaisser TK; Gaior R; Gallagher J; Gerhardt L; Ghorbani K; Gier D; Gladstone L; Glagla M; Glüsenkamp T; Goldschmidt A; Golup G; Gonzalez JG; Góra D; Grant D; Groh JC; Groß A; Ha C; Haack C; Ismail AH; Hallgren A; Halzen F; Hansmann B; Hanson K; Haugen J; Hebecker D; Heereman D; Helbing K; Hellauer R; Hellwig D; Hickford S; Hignight J; Hill GC; Hoffman KD; Hoffmann R; Holzapfel K; Homeier A; Hoshina K; Huang F; Huber M; Huelsnitz W; Hulth PO; Hultqvist K; In S; Ishihara A; Jacobi E; Japaridze GS; Jero K; Jones BJP; Jurkovic M; Kalekin O; Kaminsky B; Kappes A; Karg T; Karle A; Katori T; Katz U; Kauer M; Keivani A; Kelley JL; Kemp J; Kheirandish A; Kiryluk J; Kläs J; Klein SR; Kohnen G; Koirala R; Kolanoski H; Konietz R; Koob A; Köpke L; Kopper C; Kopper S; Koskinen DJ; Kowalski M; Krauss CB; Krings K; Kroll G; Kroll M; Kunnen J; Kurahashi N; Kuwabara T; Labare M; Lanfranchi JL; Larson MJ; Lesiak-Bzdak M; Leuermann M; Leuner J; LoSecco J; Lu L; Lünemann J; Madsen J; Maggi G; Mahn KBM; Marka S; Marka Z; Maruyama R; Mase K; Matis HS; Maunu R; McNally F; Meagher K; Medici M; Meli A; Menne T; Merino G; Meures T; Miarecki S; Middell E; Middlemas E; Mohrmann L; Montaruli T; Moore RW; Morse R; Nahnhauer R; Naumann U; Neer G; Niederhausen H; Nowicki SC; Nygren DR; Obertacke A; Olivas A; Omairat A; O'Murchadha A; Palazzo A; Palczewski T; Pandya H; Paul L; Pepper JA; Heros CPDL; Petersen TC; Pfendner C; Pieloth D; Pinat E; Pinfold JL; Posselt J; Price PB; Przybylski GT; Pütz J; Quinnan M; Raab C; Rädel L; Rameez M; Rawlins K; Reimann R; Relich M; Resconi E; Rhode W; Richman M; Richter S; Riedel B; Robertson S; Rongen M; Rott C; Ruhe T; Ryckbosch D; Saba SM; Sabbatini L; Sander H-G; Sandrock A; Sandroos J; Sandstrom P; Sarkar S; Schatto K; Scheriau F; Schimp M; Schmidt T; Schmitz M; Schoenen S; Schöneberg S; Schönwald A; Schulte L; Seckel D; Seunarine S; Shaevitz MH; Shanidze R; Smith MWE; Soldin D; Söldner-Rembold S; Song M; Spiczak GM; Spiering C; Stahlberg M; Stamatikos M; Stanev T; Stanisha NA; Stasik A; Stezelberger T; Stokstad RG; Stößl A; Ström R; Strotjohann NL; Sullivan GW; Sutherland M; Taavola H; Taboada I; Taketa A; Tanaka HKM; Ter-Antonyan S; Terliuk A; Tešić G; Tilav S; Toale PA; Tobin MN; Toscano S; Tosi D; Tselengidou M; Turcati A; Unger E; Usner M; Vallecorsa S; Vandenbroucke J; Eijndhoven NV; Vanheule S; Santen JV; Veenkamp J; Vehring M; Voge M; Vraeghe M; Walck C; Wallace A; Wallraff M; Wandkowsky N; Weaver C; Wendt C; Westerhoff S; Whelan BJ; Whitehorn N; Wichary C; Wiebe K; Wiebusch CH; Wille L; Williams DR; Wissing H; Wolf M; Wood TR; Woschnagg K; Wren S; Xu DL; Xu XW; Xu Y; Yanez JP; Yodh G; Yoshida S; Zoll M (2015)
      Papers submitted to the 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC 2015, The Hague) by the IceCube-Gen2 Collaboration. IceTop is the 1 km2 surface array of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory. Measurements of ground level ...