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    • Bring your own device (BYOD) and teacher pedagogy in a New Zealand primary school. 

      Rae G; Dabner NJ; Mackey J (2017)
      The practice of students bringing their own mobile devices (BYOD) to school is increasingly being used to leverage digital learning opportunities in New Zealand schools. This paper presents a summary of the findings from ...
    • Educational Dreams and Political Realities 

      Roberts, P. (University of Canterbury. School of Educational Studies and Human Development, 2008)
      This paper addresses key themes in a new book of posthumously published writings by Paulo Freire, Daring to Dream: Toward a Pedagogy of the Unfinished (Paradigm Publishers, 2007). The paper comments on the structure and ...
    • Mushin and learning in and beyond budo 

      Light RL (2014)
      © Idokan Poland Association. Recent developments in the theorization of learning reflect a degree of frustration with the limitations of Western dualism and, in particular, with its separation of mind from body. These ...