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    • Paternity Deferments and the Timing of Births: U.S. Natality during the Vietnam War 

      Kutinova, A. (University of Canterbury. Department of Economics and Finance, 2008)
      During the conflict in Vietnam, married men with dependents could obtain a deferment from the draft. In 1965, following President Johnson's Executive Order 11241 and a subsequent Selective Service System announcement, the ...
    • What about Mom? The Forgotten Beneficiary of the Medicaid Expansions 

      Conway, K.S.; Kutinova, A. (University of Canterbury. Economics., 2008)
      This paper contributes to evidence regarding the effectiveness of the Medicaid expansions by focusing on a key beneficiary - the mother - who has previously been overlooked. Using the Natality Detail Files for 1989-96, we ...