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    • 1,4-Bis(8-quinolyloxymethyl)benzene 

      Steel, P.J.; Al-Mandhary, M.R.A. (University of Canterbury. Chemistry., 2004)
      The two quinoline rings of the title compound are differently inclined to the plane of the central benzene ring. The intermolecular packing involves C—H···N and π-π stacking interactions.
    • Accelerating cosmologies from compactification with a twist 

      Neupane, I.P.; Wiltshire, D.L. (University of Canterbury. Physics and Astronomy, 2005)
      It is demonstrated by explicit solutions of the 4+n–dimensional vacuum Einstein equations that accelerating cosmologies in the Einstein conformal frame can be obtained by a time–dependent compactification of string/M–theory, ...
    • Acoustic cry characteristics of infants exposed to methadone during pregnancy 

      Quick, Z.; Robb, M.P.; Woodward, L.J. (University of Canterbury. Psychology.University of Canterbury. Department of Communication Disorders., 2008)
      Objective: Infant cry characteristics reflect the neurological and medical status of the infant. This study compared the acoustic cry characteristics of infants born to mothers maintained on methadone during pregnancy with ...
    • Adaptive evolution by recombination is not associated with increased mutation rates in Maize streak virus 

      Monjane, A.L.; Pande, D.; Lakay, F.; Shepherd, D.N.; van der Walt, E.; Lefeurve, P.; Lett, J-M.; Varsani, A.; Rybicki, E.P.; Martin, D.P. (University of Canterbury. Biological SciencesUniversity of Canterbury. Biomolecular Interaction Centre, 2012)
      Background Single-stranded (ss) DNA viruses in the family Geminiviridae are proving to be very useful in real-time evolution studies. The high mutation rate of geminiviruses and other ssDNA viruses is somewhat mysterious ...
    • Age of onset of ADHD symptoms 

      Rucklidge, J.J.; Tannock, R. (University of Canterbury. Psychology., 2002)
    • Ageism and Death: Effects of Mortality Salience and Perceived Similarity to Elders on Reactions to Elderly People 

      Martens, A.; Greenberg, J.; Schimel, J.; Landau, M.J. (University of Canterbury. Psychology., 2004)
      The present research investigated the hypotheses that elderly people can be reminders of our mortality and that concerns about our own mortality can therefore instigate ageism. In Study 1, college-age participants who saw ...
    • The air pollution problem in Christchurch, New Zealand - progress and prospects 

      Spronken-Smith, R.A.; Sturman, A.P.; Wilton, E. (University of Canterbury. Geography, 2002)
      Christchurch has had a wintertime air pollution problem for much of the last century. In the first half of the century the main pollutants were sulphur dioxide and suspended particulate matter, while in recent years ...
    • Alternative Routes for a Proposed Nigerian Superhighway to Limit Damage to Rare Ecosystems and Wildlife 

      Mahmoud MI; Sloan S; Campbell MJ; Alamgir M; Imong I; Odigha O; Chapman HM; Dunn A; Laurance WF (2017)
      The Cross River State Government in Nigeria is proposing to construct a ‘‘Cross River Superhighway’’ that would bisect critical remaining areas of tropical rainforest in south eastern Nigeria. We offer and evaluate two ...
    • Aminoalkylation of nitriles by iminium ions generated in situ 

      Katritzky, A.R.; Abdel-Fattah, A.A.A.; Steel, P.J. (University of Canterbury. Chemistry., 2006)
      Aminoalkylation of a series of primary and secondary nitriles with N-(α-aminoalkyl)benzotriazoles 1 (derived from a variety of secondary amines and aldehydes) proceeds smoothly providing the corresponding β-aminoalkyl ...
    • Analysing therapeutic change using modified Brinley plots: History, construction, and interpretation 

      Blampied, N.M. (University of Canterbury. Psychology, 2016)
      The paper reviews the history, construction and interpretation of modified Brinley plots, a scatter-plot used in therapy outcome research to compare each individual participant’s scores on the same dependent variable at ...
    • Analysis of the Astronomy Diagnostic Test 

      Brogt, E.; Sabers, D.; Prather, E.E.; Deming, G.L.; Hufnagel, B.; Slater, T.F. (University of Canterbury. University Centre for Teaching and LearningUniversity of Canterbury. AVC Research Office, 2007)
      Seventy undergraduate class sections were examined from the database of Astronomy Diagnostic Test (ADT) results of Deming and Hufnagel to determine if course format correlated with ADT normalized gain scores. Normalized ...
    • Analysis of the genome of the New Zealand giant collembolan (Holacanthella duospinosa) sheds light on hexapod evolution 

      Wu C; Jordan MD; Newcomb RD; Gemmell NJ; Bank S; Meusemann K; Dearden PK; Duncan EJ; Grosser S; Rutherford K; Gardner PP; Crowhurst RN; Steinwender B; Tooman LK; Stevens MI; Buckley TR (2017)
      © 2017 The Author(s). Background: The New Zealand collembolan genus Holacanthella contains the largest species of springtails (Collembola) in the world. Using Illumina technology we have sequenced and assembled a draft ...
    • Animal behavior can inform conservation policy, we just need to get on with the job – or can it? 

      Nelson, X.J. (University of Canterbury. Biological Sciences, 2014)
    • Animal welfare impact following the 4 September 2010 Canterbury (Darfield) earthquake 

      Glassey, S.; Wilson, T.M. (University of Canterbury. Geological Sciences, 2011)
      At 4.35am on Saturday 4 September 2010, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck near the township of Darfield in Canterbury leading to widespread damage in Christchurch and the wider central Canterbury region. Though it was ...
    • Annotating RNA motifs in sequences and alignments 

      Gardner, P.P.; Eldai, H. (University of Canterbury. Biological SciencesUniversity of Canterbury. Biomolecular Interaction Centre, 2015)
      RNA performs a diverse array of important functions across all cellular life. These functions include important roles in translation, building translational machinery and maturing messenger RNA. More recent discoveries ...
    • Antarctic microbial mats: a modern analogue for Archean lacustrine oxygen oases. 

      Sumner, D.Y.; Hawes, I.; Mackey, T.J.; Jungblut A.D.; Doran P.T. (University of Canterbury. Gateway AntarcticaUniversity of Canterbury. Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management, 2015)
      The evolution of oxygenic photosynthesis was the most important geochemical event in Earth history, causing the Great Oxidation Event (GOE) ~2.4 b.y. ago. However, evidence is mixed as to whether O2 production occurred ...
    • The Antarctic Treaty System (The Year in Review 2014) 

      Hemmings, A.D. (University of Canterbury. Gateway Antarctica, 2016)
      The key Antarctic Treaty System (ATS) events of 2014 were the two annual diplomatic meetings, the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting and the Meeting of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living ...
    • Anxiolysis and recognition memory enhancement with long-term supplemental ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in normal rats: possible dose dependency and sex differences 

      Hughes, R.N.; Hancock, N.J.; Thompson, R.M. (University of Canterbury. Psychology, 2015)
      To investigate a possible dose-response relationship and sex differences for anxiolytic and memory-enhancing effects of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), an adult PVG /c hooded rats were individually treated for 8 weeks with ...
    • Apparent cosmic acceleration from type Ia supernovae 

      Dam LH; Heinesen A; Wiltshire DL (2017)
      Parameters that quantify the acceleration of cosmic expansion are conventionally determined within the standard Friedmann-Lema\^{\i}tre-Robertson-Walker (FLRW) model, which fixes spatial curvature to be homogeneous. ...
    • Appearances can be deceptive: Revealing a hidden viral infection with deep sequencing in a plant quarantine context 

      Candresse, T.; Filloux, D.; Muhire, B.; Julian, C.; Galzi, S.; Fort, G.; Bernardo, P.; Daugrois, J-H.; Fernandez, E.; Martin, D.P.; Varsani, A.; Roumagnac, P. (University of Canterbury. Biological SciencesUniversity of Canterbury. Biomolecular Interaction Centre, 2014)
      Comprehensive inventories of plant viral diversity are essential for effective quarantine and sanitation efforts. The safety of regulated plant material exchanges presently relies heavily on techniques such as PCR or ...