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    • Super-imposing maxillary and palatal locations for electroarticulometry: A SIMPLE method 

      Chen, W.; Chang, Y.; Best, C.T.; Derrick, D. (University of Canterbury. New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain & Behaviour, 2015)
      This study proposes a method of superimposing a physical palatal profile, extracted from a speaker’s maxillary impression, onto real-time mid-sagittal articulatory data. A palatal/dental profile is first obtained by ...
    • A Super-Jupiter Orbiting a Late-type Star: A Refined Analysis of Microlensing Event OGLE-2012-BLG-0406 

      Tsapras, Y.; Choi, J-Y.; Street, R.A.; Han, C.; Bozza, V.; Gould, A.; Dominik, M.; Beaulieu, J-P.; Udalski, A.; Jørgensen, U.G.; Sumi, T.; Bramich, D.M.; Browne, P.; Horne, K.; Hundertmark, M.; Ipatov, S.; Kains, N.; Snodgrass, C.; Steele, I.A.; Alsubai, K.A.; Andersen, J.M.; Calchi Novati, S.; Damerdji, Y.; Diehl, C.; Elyiv, A.; Giannini, E.; Hardis, S.; Harpsøe, K.; Hinse, T.C.; Juncher, D.; Kerins, E.; Korhonen, H.; Liebig, C.; Mancini, L.; Mathiasen, M.; Penny, M.T.; Rabus, M.; Rahvar, S.; Scarpetta, G.; Skottfelt, J.; Southworth, J.; Surdej, J.; Tregloan-Reed, J.; Vilela, C.; Wambsganss, J.; Skowron, J.; Poleski, R.; Kozlowski, S.; Wyrzykowski, L.; Szymanski, M.K.; Kubiak, M.; Pietrukowicz, P.; Pietrzynski, G.; Soszynski, I.; Ulaczyk, K.; Albrow, M.D.; Bachelet, E.; Barry, R.; Batista, V.; Bhattacharya, A.; Brillant, S.; Caldwell, J.A.R.; Cassan, A.; Cole, A.; Corrales, E.; Coutures, Ch.; Dieters, S.; Dominis Prester, D.; Donatowicz, J.; Fouqué, P.; Greenhill, J.; Kane, S.R.; Kubas, D.; Marquette, J-B.; Menzies, J.; Père, C.; Pollard, K.R.; Zub, M.; Christie, G.; DePoy, D.L.; Dong, S.; Drummond, J.; Gaudi, B.S.; Henderson, C. B.; Hwang, K.H.; Jung, Y.K.; Kavka, A.; Koo, J-R.; Lee, C-U.; Maoz, D.; Monard, L.A.G.; Natusch, T.; Ngan, H.; Park, H.; Pogge, R.W.; Porritt, I.; Shin, I-G.; Shvartzvald, Y.; Tan, T.G.; Yee, J.C.; Abe, F.; Bennett, D.P.; Bond, I.A.; Botzler, C.S.; Freeman, M.; Fukui, A.; Fukunaga, D.; Itow, Y.; Koshimoto, N.; Ling, C.H.; Masuda, K.; Matsubara, Y.; Muraki, Y.; Namba, S.; Ohnishi, K.; Rattenbury, N.J.; Saito, To.; Sullivan, D.J.; Sweatman, W.L.; Suzuki, D.; Tristram, P.J.; Tsurumi, N.; Wada, K.; Yamai, N.; Yock, P.C.M.; Yonehara, A. (University of Canterbury. Physics and Astronomy, 2014)
      We present a detailed analysis of survey and follow-up observations of microlensing event OGLE-2012-BLG- 0406 based on data obtained from 10 different observatories. Intensive coverage of the light curve, especially the ...
    • Supernova tests of the timescape cosmology 

      Smale, P.R.; Wiltshire, D.L. (University of Canterbury. Physics and Astronomy, 2011)
      The timescape cosmology has been proposed as a viable alternative to homogeneous cosmologies with dark energy. It realises cosmic acceleration as an apparent effect that arises in calibrating average cosmological parameters ...
    • Supernova tests of the timescape cosmology 

      Smale, P.R.; Wiltshire, D.L. (University of Canterbury. Physics and Astronomy, 2011)
      The timescape cosmology has been proposed as a viable alternative to homogeneous cosmologies with dark energy. It realises cosmic acceleration as an apparent effect that arises in calibrating average cosmological parameters ...
    • Supplementation of blackcurrant anthocyanins increased cyclic glycine-proline in the cerebrospinal fluid of Parkinson patients: Potential treatment to improve insulin-like growth factor-1 function 

      Fan D; Alamri Y; Liu K; Harris P; Brimble M; Dalrymple-Alford J; Prickett T; Menzies O; Laurenson A; Anderson T; Guan J; MacAskill M (2018)
      © 2018 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland. Background: Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) function is impaired in Parkinson disease. Cyclic glycine-proline (cGP), a metabolite of IGF-1, is neuroprotective ...
    • Surface-plasmon-enhanced light transmission through planar metallic films 

      Lin, L.; Reeves, R.J.; Blaikie, R.J. (University of Canterbury. Physics and Astronomy.University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer Engineering., 2006)
      We show experimental results for the optical transmission of planar metallic films closely coupled to periodic subwavelength structures; exceptionally high transmission levels (up to 39%) are measured for these otherwise-opaque ...
    • Surviving well together 

      Dombroski KF; Healy S (Tui Motu InterIslands Magazine, 2018)
      KELLY DOMBROSKI and STEPHEN HEALY describe a community economies approach to poverty which seeks to acknowledge what people are already doing in their communities to sustain themselves and then to act in solidarity with them.
    • Sustainability and resilience 

      Kingham, S. (University of Canterbury. Geography, 2010)
      What are sustainable resilient communities? Communities that: -Are less reliant on fossil fuels -Produce less harmful outputs (e.g. pollution, carbon) -Use less finite inputs (e.g. water, energy) -Reliant on local ...
    • Synoptic climate change as a driver of late Quaternary glaciations in the mid-latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere 

      Rother, H.; Shulmeister, J. (University of Canterbury. Geological Sciences., 2006)
      The relative timing of late Quaternary glacial advances in mid-latitude (40–55° S) mountain belts of the Southern Hemisphere (SH) has become a critical focus in the debate on global climate teleconnections. On the ...
    • Syntheses of new binucleating heterocyclic ligands 

      Slater, J.W.; Steel, P.J. (University of Canterbury. Chemistry., 2006)
      The syntheses of five new mixed azine–azole binucleating ligands are described.
    • Synthesis and Characterisation of Eight Isomeric Bis(2-pyridyloxy)naphthalenes 

      O'Keefe, B.J.; Steel, P.J. (University of Canterbury. Chemistry., 2006)
      Abstract: Eight isomeric bis(2-pyridyloxy)naphthalenes have been prepared from reactions of 2-bromopyridine with the appropriate dihydroxynaphthalene and the products fully characterised by 1- and 2-D NMR spectroscopy.
    • Synthesis and Characterization of Blowing Agents and Hypergolics 

      Katritzky, A.R.; Rogers, J.W.; Witek, R.M.; Vakulenko, A.V.; Mohapatra, P.P.; Steel, P.J.; Damavarapu, R. (University of Canterbury. Chemistry., 2007)
      Twelve energetic additives 7–18 were synthesized and evaluated for use as blowing agents. All blowing agent candidates were characterized by NMR spectroscopy, elemental analysis, differential scanning calorimetry, ...
    • Synthesis and Demonstration of the Biological Relevance of sp(3)-rich Scaffolds Distantly Related to Natural Product Frameworks 

      Foley DJ; Craven PGE; Collins PM; Doveston RG; Aimon A; Talon R; Churcher I; von Delft F; Marsden SP; Nelson A (2017)
      The productive exploration of chemical space is an enduring challenge in chemical biology and medicinal chemistry. Natural products are biologically relevant, and their frameworks have facilitated chemical tool and drug ...
    • Synthesis and NMR spectroscopic studies of Allylsulfanyl-N1-alkyl-N4-phenyl-1,4-phenylenediamines and their Cyclization Products, 2,3-Dihydro-1-benzothiophenes and Thiochromans 

      Katritzky, A.R.; Akhmedov, N.G.; Wang, M.; Rostek, C.J.; Steel, P.J. (University of Canterbury. Chemistry., 2004)
      Regioselective addition of allylmercaptan at the C-3 position adjacent to the nitrogen carrying phenyl group of the 1,4-phenylenediamine moiety of 1−4 was rigorously confirmed by the 1D NOE difference in combination with ...
    • Synthesis and X-ray Crystal Structure of a Bridging Trispiran Ligand 

      Steel, P.J.; Sumby, C.J. (University of Canterbury. Chemistry., 2004)
      Spiro[3,3]heptane-2,6-dispiro-4,5-diazafluorene (4) has been synthesized in three steps from 1,10-phenanthroline. It crystallizes in the orthorhombic space group P2₁2₁2₁ and has the two 4,5-diazafluorene metal binding ...
    • Synthesis and X-ray Crystal Structures of Cobalt and Copper Complexes of 1,3-Bis(benzotriazolyl)propanes 

      Børsting, P.; Steel, P.J. (University of Canterbury. Chemistry., 2004)
      Two propylene-bridged bis-benzotriazole ligands, 1 and 2, were used to obtain three novel coordination polymers with cobalt(II), copper(II) and copper(I). The complexes were structurally characterised by X-ray crystallography. ...
    • Synthesis of diisopropylcyclopropenone and X-ray structure of its dichlorodimethyltin(IV) adduct 

      Curnow, O.J.; Fern, G.M.; Pipal, R.J. (University of Canterbury. Chemistry., 2006)
      Diisopropylcyclopropenone was prepared by a dehydrobromination of 3,5-dibromo-2,6-dimethylheptan-4-one and isolated in 18% yield via an aqueous extraction procedure. It was characterised by an X-ray crystal structure ...
    • Synthesis of o-Sulfamidotriazobenzenes from 1,1'-Sulfonylbis(benzotriazole) 

      Katritzky, A.R.; Khelashvili, L.; Le, K.N.B.; Mohapatra, P.P.; Steel, P.J. (University of Canterbury. Chemistry., 2007)
      Easily accessible 1,1'-sulfonylbis(benzotriazole) (Bt2SO2, 1) reacts with secondary amines at room temperature to afford (i) the corresponding o-sulfamidotriazobenzenes 2a-d (53-75%) via concurrent substitution of the first ...
    • Synthesis, structure, and magnetic properties of bis(3-amino-2-chloropyridinium) tetrahalocuprate(II) [halide = Cl or Br] 

      Herringer, S.N.; Turnbull, M.M.; Landee, C.P.; Wikaira, J.L. (University of Canterbury. Chemistry., 2009)
      The reaction of CuX₂(X=Cl or Br) with 3-amino-2-chloropyridine in aqueous acids (HX; X=Cl or Br) yields bis(3-amino-2-chloropyridinium)tetrachlorocuprate(II) and bis(3-amino-2- chloropyridinium)tetrabromocuprate(II). ...
    • Synthetic and semi-synthetic approaches to unprotected N-glycan oxazolines 

      Fairbanks AJ (2018)
      © 2018 Fairbanks. N-Glycan oxazolines have found widespread use as activated donor substrates for endo-β-N-acetylglucosaminidase (ENGase) enzymes, an important application that has correspondingly stimulated interest in ...