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    • The detection of biotic changes in the Tekapo riverbed after habitat restoration 

      Sinclair, Lisa (University of Canterbury, 1995)
    • The scaling of population persistence with carrying capacity does not asymptote in populations of a fish experiencing extreme climate variability. 

      White RSA; Wintle BA; McHugh PA; Booker DJ; McIntosh AR (2017)
      Despite growing concerns regarding increasing frequency of extreme climate events and declining population sizes, the influence of environmental stochasticity on the relationship between population carrying capacity and ...
    • Distribution of the likelihood ratio in fermi gamma ray models 

      Roberts, Benjamin (University of Canterbury, 2017)
      Gamma rays, the highest frequency component of the electromagnetic spectrum, are produced by the highest energy objects in the universe. The list of sources includes pulsars, active galactic nuclei, cosmic ray interactions, ...
    • Planning for resilient communities: and every other day: learning from the Canterbury 2010-2012 earthquake sequence 

      Banwell, Karen (University of Canterbury, 2017)
      After a disaster, cities experience profound social and environmental upheaval. Current research on disasters describes this social disruption along with collective community action to provide support. Pre-existing social ...
    • The IceCube realtime alert system 

      Aartsen MG; Ackermann M; Adams J; Aguilar JA; Ahlers M; Ahrens M; Altmann D; Andeen K; Anderson T; Ansseau I; Anton G; Archinger M; Argüelles C; Auffenberg J; Axani S; Bai X; Barwick SW; Baum V; Bay R; Beatty JJ; Becker Tjus J; Becker KH; BenZvi S; Berley D; Bernardini E; Bernhard A; Besson DZ; Binder G; Bindig D; Bissok M; Blaufuss E; Blot S; Bohm C; Börner M; Bos F; Bose D; Böser S; Botner O; Braun J; Brayeur L; Bretz HP; Bron S; Burgman A; Carver T; Casier M; Cheung E; Chirkin D; Christov A; Clark K; Classen L; Coenders S; Collin GH; Conrad JM; Cowen DF; Cross R; Day M; de André JPAM; De Clercq C; del Pino Rosendo E; Dembinski H; De Ridder S; Desiati P; de Vries KD; de Wasseige G; de With M; DeYoung T; Díaz-Vélez JC; di Lorenzo V; Dujmovic H; Dumm JP; Dunkman M; Eberhardt B; Ehrhardt T; Eichmann B; Eller P; Euler S; Evenson PA; Fahey S; Fazely AR; Feintzeig J; Felde J; Filimonov K; Finley C; Flis S; Fösig CC; Franckowiak A; Friedman E; Fuchs T; Gaisser TK; Gallagher J; Gerhardt L; Ghorbani K; Giang W; Gladstone L; Glauch T; Glüsenkamp T (2017)
      Although high-energy astrophysical neutrinos were discovered in 2013, their origin is still unknown. Aiming for the identification of an electromagnetic counterpart of a rapidly fading source, we have implemented a realtime ...
    • Early life history of the amphidromous galaxiid inanga: disentangling the consequences for their migratory dynamics, population structure and adult growth 

      Egan, Eimear Marie Céiléadh (University of Canterbury, 2017)
      Amphidromy is a type of diadromous migration involving pelagic larval development (mostly in the marine environment) with adult growth and maturity occurring in freshwater environments. Pelagic development and dispersal ...
    • Interactive effects of land use, temperature, and predators determine native and invasive mosquito distributions 

      Hunt SK; Galatowitsch ML; McIntosh AR (2017)
      1. Land-use and climate change could alter the distribution of both native and exotic mosquitoes by changing abiotic and biotic characteristics of freshwater habitats. We initially studied the influence of land use on ...
    • The Communication and Risk Management of Volcanic Ballistic Hazards 

      Ftizgerald, R. H.; Kennedy, B. M.; Wilson, T. M.; Leonard, G. S.; Tsunematsu, K.; Keys, H. (2017)
      Tourists, hikers, mountaineers, locals and volcanologists frequently visit and reside on and around active volcanoes, where ballistic projectiles are a lethal hazard. The projectiles of lava or solid rock, ranging from ...
    • Unfinished synchrony 

      Plank MJ; Pitchford JW (2017)
    • ‘A fluorophore for the future’ : design and synthesis of novel BODIPY derivatives 

      Bruce, Joseph Fee (University of Canterbury, 2017)
      This thesis provides insight into the chemistry of the BODIPY family of fluorophores. It describes the synthetic methods undertaken to attempt various structural modifications of the core BODIPY framework. Three different ...
    • Student experience and sense of place on geoscience field trips 

      Jolley, Alison Rae (University of Canterbury, 2017)
      Field education is a vital component of undergraduate degree programmes in geoscience, but many aspects of this experience are not well understood. The experience of the individual student during a field trip is strongly ...
    • Rates of meaningful change in the mental health of children in long-term out-of-home care: A seven- to nine-year prospective study 

      Tarren-Sweeney MJ (2017)
      Children residing in long-term out-of-home care have high rates of clinical-level mental health difficulties. However, the stability of these children’s difficulties throughout their time in care is uncertain. This paper ...
    • Research Data, Big Data, and Chemistry 

      Hartshorn RM (2017)
    • Water policy and governance in Guyana, “the land of many waters” 

      Baptiste, Onika M. (University of Canterbury, 2017)
      Effective water policies and good governance strategies are essential for sustainable development. Successful management of fresh water resources also requires the integration of the different sectors that use this ...
    • Stable isotope (δD–δ18O) relationships of ice facies and glaciological structures within the mid-latitude maritime Fox Glacier, New Zealand 

      Appleby JR; Brook MS; Horton TW; Fuller IC; Holt KA; Quincey DJ (2017)
      Relationships between stable isotopes (δD–δ18O), ice facies and glacier structures have hith- erto gone untested in the mid-latitude maritime glaciers of the Southern Hemisphere. Here, we present δD–δ18O values as part of ...
    • The IceCube Neutrino Observatory, the Pierre Auger Observatory and the Telescope Array: Joint Contribution to the 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC 2015) 

      Aartsen MG; Abraham K; Ackermann M; Adams J; Aguilar JA; Ahlers M; Ahrens M; Altmann D; Anderson T; Ansseau I; Archinger M; Arguelles C; Arlen TC; Auffenberg J; Bai X; Barwick SW; Baum V; Bay R; Beatty JJ; Becker K-H; Beiser E; BenZvi S; Berghaus P; Berley D; Bernardini E; Bernhard A; Besson DZ; Binder G; Bindig D; Bissok M; Blaufuss E; Blumenthal J; Boersma DJ; Bohm C; Börner M; Bos F; Bose D; Böser S; Botner O; Braun J; Brayeur L; Bretz H-P; Buzinsky N; Casey J; Casier M; Cheung E; Chirkin D; Christov A; Clark K; Classen L; Coenders S; Cowen DF; Daughhetee J; Davis JC; Day M; Dembinski H; Desiati P; DeYoung T; Díaz-Vélez JC; Dumm JP; Dunkman M; Eagan R; Eberhardt B; Ehrhardt T; Eichmann B; Euler S; Evenson PA; Fadiran O; Fahey S; Fazely AR; Fedynitch A; Feintzeig J; Felde J; Filimonov K; Finley C; Fischer-Wasels T; Flis S; Fösig C-C; Fuchs T; Gaisser TK; Gaior R; Gallagher J; Gerhardt L; Ghorbani K; Gier D; Gladstone L; Glagla M; Glüsenkamp T; Goldschmidt A; Golup G; Gonzalez JG; Góra D; Grant D; Groh JC; Groß A; Ha C; Haack C; Hallgren A; Halzen F; Hansmann B; Hanson K; Hebecker D; Heereman D; Helbing K; Hellauer R; Hellwig D; Hickford S; Hignight J; Hill GC; Hoffman KD; Hoffmann R; Holzapfel K; Homeier A; Hoshina K; Huang F; Huber M; Huelsnitz W; Hulth PO; Hultqvist K; In S; Ishihara A; Jacobi E; Japaridze GS; Jero K; Jurkovic M; Kaminsky B; Kappes A; Karg T; Karle A; Kauer M; Keivani A; Kelley JL; Kemp J; Kheirandish A; Kiryluk J; Kläs J; Klein SR; Kohnen G; Koirala R; Kolanoski H; Konietz R; Koob A; Köpke L; Kopper C; Kopper S; Koskinen DJ; Kowalski M; Krings K; Kroll G; Kroll M; Kunnen J; Kurahashi N; Kuwabara T; Labare M; Lanfranchi JL; Larson MJ; Lesiak-Bzdak M; Leuermann M; Leuner J; Lu L; Lünemann J; Madsen J; Maggi G; Mahn KBM; Maruyama R; Mase K; Matis HS; Maunu R; McNally F; Meagher K; Medici M; Meli A; Menne T; Merino G; Meures T; Miarecki S; Middell E; Middlemas E; Mohrmann L; Montaruli T; Morse R; Nahnhauer R; Naumann U; Neer G; Niederhausen H; Nowicki SC; Nygren DR; Obertacke A; Olivas A; Omairat A; O'Murchadha A; Palczewski T; Pandya H; Paul L; Pepper JA; Heros CPDL; Pfendner C; Pieloth D; Pinat E; Posselt J; Price PB; Przybylski GT; Pütz J; Quinnan M; Raab C; Rädel L; Rameez M; Rawlins K; Reimann R; Relich M; Resconi E; Rhode W; Richman M; Richter S; Riedel B; Robertson S; Rongen M; Rott C; Ruhe T; Ryckbosch D; Saba SM; Sabbatini L; Sander H-G; Sandrock A; Sandroos J; Sarkar S; Schatto K; Scheriau F; Schimp M; Schmidt T; Schmitz M; Schoenen S; Schöneberg S; Schönwald A; Schulte L; Seckel D; Seunarine S; Shanidze R; Smith MWE; Soldin D; Song M; Spiczak GM; Spiering C; Stahlberg M; Stamatikos M; Stanev T; Stanisha NA; Stasik A; Stezelberger T; Stokstad RG; Stößl A; Ström R; Strotjohann NL; Sullivan GW; Sutherland M; Taavola H; Taboada I; Ter-Antonyan S; Terliuk A; Tešić G; Tilav S; Toale PA; Tobin MN; Toscano S; Tosi D; Tselengidou M; Turcati A; Unger E; Usner M; Vallecorsa S; Vandenbroucke J; Eijndhoven NV; Vanheule S; Santen JV; Veenkamp J; Vehring M; Voge M; Vraeghe M; Walck C; Wallace A; Wallraff M; Wandkowsky N; Weaver C; Wendt C; Westerhoff S; Whelan BJ; Whitehorn N; Wichary C; Wiebe K; Wiebusch CH; Wille L; Williams DR; Wissing H; Wolf M; Wood TR; Woschnagg K; Xu DL; Xu XW; Xu Y; Yanez JP; Yodh G; Yoshida S; Zoll M; Aab A; Abreu P; Aglietta M; Ahn EJ; Samarai IA; Albuquerque IFM; Allekotte I; Allison P; Almela A; Alvarez-Muñiz J; Ambrosio M; Aminaei A; Anastasi GA; Anchordoqui L; Andringa S; Aramo C; Arqueros F; Arsene N; Asorey H; Assis P; Aublin J; Avila G; Awal N; Badescu AM; Baus C; Beatty JJ; Becker KH; Bellido JA; Berat C; Bertaina ME; Bertou X; Biermann PL; Billoir P; Blaess SG; Blanco A; Blanco M; Blazek J; Bleve C; Blümer H; Boháčová M; Boncioli D; Bonifazi C; Borodai N; Brack J; Brancus I; Bretz T; Bridgeman A; Brogueira P; Buchholz P; Bueno A; Buitink S; Buscemi M; Caballero-Mora KS; Caccianiga B; Caccianiga L; Candusso M; Caramete L; Caruso R; Castellina A; Cataldi G; Cazon L; Cester R; Chavez AG; Chiavassa A; Chinellato JA; Chudoba J; Cilmo M; Clay RW; Cocciolo G; Colalillo R; Coleman A; Collica L; Coluccia MR; Conceição R; Contreras F; Cooper MJ; Cordier A; Coutu S; Covault CE; Dallier R; Daniel B; Dasso S; Daumiller K; Dawson BR; Almeida RMD; Jong SJD; Mauro GD; Mitri ID; Oliveira JD; Souza VD; Peral LD; Deligny O; Dhital N; Giulio CD; Matteo AD; Diaz JC; Diogo F; Dobrigkeit C; Docters W; D'Olivo JC; Dorofeev A; Anjos RCD; Dova MT; Ebr J; Engel R; Erdmann M; Erfani M; Escobar CO; Espadanal J; Etchegoyen A; Falcke H; Fang K; Farrar G; Fauth AC; Fazzini N; Ferguson AP; Fick B; Figueira JM; Filevich A; Filipčič A; Fratu O; Freire MM; Fujii T; García B; García-Gámez D; Garcia-Pinto D; Gate F; Gemmeke H; Gherghel-Lascu A; Ghia PL; Giaccari U; Giammarchi M; Giller M; Głas D; Glaser C; Glass H; Golup G; González N; Gookin B; Gordon J; Gorgi A; Gorham P; Gouffon P; Griffith N; Grillo AF; Grubb TD; Guarino F; Guedes GP; Hampel MR; Hansen P; Harari D; Harrison TA; Hartmann S; Harton JL; Haungs A; Hebbeker T; Heck D; Heimann P; Hervé AE; Hill GC; Hojvat C; Hollon N; Holt E; Homola P; Hörandel JR; Horvath P; Hrabovský M; Huber D; Huege T; Insolia A; Isar PG; Jandt I; Jansen S; Jarne C; Johnsen JA; Josebachuili M; Kääpä A; Kambeitz O; Kampert KH; Kasper P; Katkov I; Keilhauer B; Kemp E; Kieckhafer RM; Klages HO; Kleifges M; Kleinfeller J; Krause R; Krohm N; Kuempel D; Kunka N; LaHurd D; Latronico L; Lauer R; Lauscher M; Lautridou P; Coz SL; Lebrun D; Lebrun P; Oliveira MALD; Letessier-Selvon A; Lhenry-Yvon I; Link K; Lopes L; López R; Casado AL; Louedec K; Lucero A; Malacari M; Mallamaci M; Maller J; Mandat D; Mantsch P; Mariazzi AG; Marin V; Mariş IC; Marsella G; Martello D; Martinez H; Martraire D; Meza JJM; Mathes HJ; Mathys S; Matthews J; Matthews JAJ; Matthiae G; Maurizio D; Mayotte E; Mazur PO; Medina C; Medina-Tanco G; Meissner R; Mello VBB; Melo D; Menshikov A; Messina S; Micheletti MI; Middendorf L; Minaya IA; Miramonti L; Mitrica B; Molina-Bueno L; Mollerach S; Montanet F; Morello C; Mostafá M; Moura CA; Müller G; Muller MA; Müller S; Navas S; Necesal P; Nellen L; Nelles A; Neuser J; Nguyen PH; Niculescu-Oglinzanu M; Niechciol M; Niemietz L; Niggemann T; Nitz D; Nosek D; Novotny V; Nožka L; Núñez LA; Ochilo L; Oikonomou F; Olinto A; Pacheco N; Palatka M; Pallotta J; Papenbreer P; Parente G; Parra A; Paul T; Pech M; Pȩkala J; Pelayo R; Pepe IM; Perrone L; Petermann E; Peters C; Petrera S; Petrov Y; Phuntsok J; Piegaia R; Pierog T; Pieroni P; Pimenta M; Pirronello V; Platino M; Plum M; Porcelli A; Porowski C; Prado RR; Privitera P; Prouza M; Quel EJ; Querchfeld S; Quinn S; Rautenberg J; Ravel O; Ravignani D; Reinert D; Revenu B; Ridky J; Risse M; Ristori P; Rizi V; Rojo JR; Rodríguez-Frías MD; Rogozin D; Rosado J; Roth M; Roulet E; Rovero AC; Saffi SJ; Saftoiu A; Salamida F; Salazar H; Saleh A; Salina G; Sánchez F; Sanchez-Lucas P; Santos EM; Santos E; Sarazin F; Sarkar B; Sarmento R; Sarmiento-Cano C; Sato R; Scarso C; Schauer M; Scherini V; Schieler H; Schmidt D; Scholten O; Schoorlemmer H; Schovánek P; Schröder FG; Schulz A; Schulz J; Schumacher J; Sciutto SJ; Segreto A; Settimo M; Shadkam A; Shellard RC; Sigl G; Sima O; Śmiałkowski A; Šmída R; Snow GR; Sommers P; Sonntag S; Sorokin J; Squartini R; Srivastava YN; Stanca D; Stanič S; Stapleton J; Stasielak J; Stephan M; Stutz A; Suarez F; Suomijärvi T; Supanitsky AD; Sutherland MS; Swain J; Szadkowski Z; Taborda OA; Tapia A; Tepe A; Theodoro VM; Tibolla O; Timmermans C; Toma G; Tomankova L; Tomé B; Tonachini A; Travnicek P; Trini M; Ulrich R; Unger M; Urban M; Valiño I; Valore L; Aar GV; Bodegom PV; Berg AMVD; Velzen SV; Vliet AV; Varela E; Varner G; Vasquez R; Vázquez JR; Vázquez RA; Veberič D; Verzi V; Vicha J; Videla M; Villaseñor L; Vlcek B; Vorobiov S; Wahlberg H; Wainberg O; Walz D; Watson AA; Weber M; Weidenhaupt K; Weindl A; Welling C; Werner F; Widom A; Wiencke L; Wilczyński H; Winchen T; Wittkowski D; Wundheiler B; Wykes S; Yang L; Yapici T; Yushkov A; Zas E; Zavrtanik D; Zavrtanik M; Zepeda A; Zimmermann B; Ziolkowski M; Zuccarello F; Abbasi RU; Abe M; Abu-Zayyad T; Allen M; Azuma R; Barcikowski E; Belz JW; Bergman DR; Blake SA; Cady R; Chae MJ; Cheon BG; Chiba J; Chikawa M; Cho WR; Fujii T; Fukushima M; Goto T; Hanlon W; Hayashi Y; Hayashida N; Hibino K; Honda K; Ikeda D; Inoue N; Ishii T; Ishimori R; Ito H; Ivanov D; Jui CCH; Kadota K; Kakimoto F; Kalashev O; Kasahara K; Kawai H; Kawakami S; Kawana S; Kawata K; Kido E; Kim HB; Kim JH; Kim JH; Kitamura S; Kitamura Y; Kuzmin V; Kwon YJ; Lan J; Lim SI; Lundquist JP; Machida K; Martens K; Matsuda T; Matsuyama T; Matthews JN; Minamino M; Mukai Y; Myers I; Nagasawa K; Nagataki S; Nakamura T; Nonaka T; Nozato A; Ogio S; Ogura J; Ohnishi M; Ohoka H; Oki K; Okuda T; Ono M; Oshima A; Ozawa S; Park IH; Pshirkov MS; Rodriguez DC; Rubtsov G; Ryu D; Sagawa H; Sakurai N; Scott LM; Shah PD; Shibata F; Shibata T; Shimodaira H; Shin BK; Shin HS; Smith JD; Sokolsky P; Springer RW; Stokes BT; Stratton SR; Stroman TA; Suzawa T; Takamura M; Takeda M; Takeishi R; Taketa A; Takita M; Tameda Y; Tanaka H; Tanaka K; Tanaka M; Thomas SB; Thomson GB; Tinyakov P; Tkachev I; Tokuno H; Tomida T; Troitsky S; Tsunesada Y; Tsutsumi K; Uchihori Y; Udo S; Urban F; Vasiloff G; Wong T; Yamane R; Yamaoka H; Yamazaki K; Yang J; Yashiro K; Yoneda Y; Yoshida S; Yoshii H; Zollinger R; Zundel Z; De Clercq, C; Cruz Silva, AH; de Andre, JPAM; del Pino Rosendo, E; De Ridder, S; de Vries, KD; de Wasseige, G; de With, M; di Lorenzo, V; Haj Ismail, A; Alvarez Castillo, J; Alvez Batista, R; de Mello Neto, JRT; Diaz Castro, ML; Dorosti Hasankiadeh, Q; Vargas Cardenas, B; Valdes Galicia, JF; Torres Machado, D; Torralba Elipe, G; Todero Peixoto, CJ; Suarez Duran, M; Sanabria Gomez, JD; Salesa Greus, F; Rodrigues de Carvalho, W; Pakk Selmi-Dei, D; Martinez Bravo, O; Kuotb Awad, AW; Kukec Mezek, G; Gomez Vitale, PF; Gomez Berisso, M (2015)
      We have conducted three searches for correlations between ultra-high energy cosmic rays detected by the Telescope Array and the Pierre Auger Observatory, and high-energy neutrino candidate events from IceCube. Two ...
    • Behavioural economic studies of tobacco control : excise tax, alternative products, and application to priority populations in New Zealand. 

      Tucker, Megan (University of Canterbury, 2017)
      Objectives Tobacco control is a multidisciplinary field which uses theory and research from medicine, public health, economics and psychology in an attempt to reduce the harm associated with tobacco cigarette smoking, ...
    • Diencephalic amnesia : rodent cognition, neural markers and electrophysiology. 

      Perry, Brook (University of Canterbury, 2017)
      The anterior thalamic nuclei (ATN), mammillary bodies and their interconnecting fibre tract the mammillothalamic tract (MTT) are important components of an extended hippocampal circuit for episodic memory. In humans, damage ...
    • Improved pressure contour analysis for estimating cardiac stroke volume using pulse wave velocity measurement 

      Kamoi S; Pretty C; Balmer J; Davidson S; Pironet A; Desaive T; Shaw GM; Chase JG (2017)
      Background: Pressure contour analysis is commonly used to estimate cardiac performance for patients suffering from cardiovascular dysfunction in the intensive care unit. However, the existing techniques for continuous ...
    • The impact of cognitive load on volitional running, kayaking, rock climbing and arithmetic tasks and the effect of fatigue on risk perception. 

      Blakely, Megan (University of Canterbury, 2017)
      The effects of physical activity on cognition and the effects of cognitive load on physical activity are complex. Both the nature of the physical activity and the cognitive task may influence the interactive effects of ...