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    • Large-scale tropospheric transport in the Chemistry–Climate Model Initiative (CCMI) simulations 

      Orbe C; Yang H; Waugh DW; Zeng G; Morgenstern O; Kinnison DE; Lamarque J-F; Tilmes S; Plummer DA; Scinocca JF; Josse B; Marecal V; Jockel P; Oman LD; Strahan SE; Deushi M; Tanaka TY; Yoshida K; Akiyoshi H; Yamashita Y; Stenke A; Revell LE; Sukhodolov T; Rozanov E; Pitari G; Visioni D; Stone KA; Schofield R; Banerjee A (2018)
      Understanding and modeling the large-scale transport of trace gases and aerosols is important for interpreting past (and projecting future) changes in atmospheric composition. Here we show that there are large differences in ...
    • Multiple P-TEFbs cooperatively regulate the release of promoter-proximally paused RNA polymerase II 

      Lu X; Zhu X; Li Y; Liu M; Yu B; Wang Y; Rao M; Yang H; Zhou K; Wang Y; Chen Y; Chen M; Zhuang S; Chen L-F; Liu R; Chen R (2016)
      The association of DSIF and NELF with initiated RNA Polymerase II (Pol II) is the general mechanism for inducing promoter-proximal pausing of Pol II. However, it remains largely unclear how the paused Pol II is released ...