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    • Extensive study of HD 25558, a long-period double-lined binary with two SPB components 

      Sódor, Á.; De Cat, P.; Wright, D. J.; Neiner, C.; Briquet, M.; Lampens, P.; Dukes, R. J.; Henry, G. W.; Williamson, M. H.; Brunsden, E.; Pollard, K. R.; Cottrell, P. L.; Maisonneuve, F.; Kilmartin, P. M.; Matthews, J.; Kallinger, T.; Beck, P. G.; Kambe, E.; Engelbrecht, C. A.; Czanik, R. J.; Yang, S.; Hashimoto, O.; Honda, S.; Fu, J. N.; Castanheira, B.; Lehmann, H.; Bognár, Zs.; Behara, N.; Scaringi, S.; Van Winckel, H.; Menu, J.; Lobel, A.; Mathias, P.; Saesen, S.; Vuckovic, M.; MiMeS Collaboration (University of Canterbury. Physics and Astronomy, 2014)
      We carried out an extensive observational study of the Slowly Pulsating B (SPB) star, HD 25558. The ≈2000 spectra obtained at different observatories, the ground-based and MOST satellite light curves revealed that this ...