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    • A Lack of Planets in 47 Tucanae from an HST Search 

      Gilliland RL; Brown TM; Guhathakurta P; Sarajedini A; Milone EF; Albrow MD; Baliber NR; Bruntt H; Burrows A; Charbonneau D; Choi P; Cochran WD; Edmonds PD; Frandsen S; Howell JH; Lin DNC; Marcy GW; Mayor M; Naef D; Sigurdsson S; Stagg CR; VandenBerg DA; Vogt SS; Williams MD (2000)
      We report results from a large Hubble Space Telescope project to observe a significant (~34,000) ensemble of main sequence stars in the globular cluster 47 Tucanae with a goal of defining the frequency of inner-orbit, ...