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    • MARS spectral molecular imaging of lamb tissue: data collection and image analysis 

      Aamir, R; Chernoglazov, A; Bateman, C J; Butler, A P H; Butler, P H; Anderson, N G; Bell, S T; Panta, R; Healy, J L; Mohr, J L; Rajendran, K; Walsh, M F; de Ruiter, J A; Giesig, S P; Woodfield, T; Renaud, P F; Brooke, L V; Majid, S A; Clyne, R; Glendinning, R; Bones, P J; Billinghurst, M; Bartneck, C.; Mandalika, H; Grasset, R; Schleich, N; Scott, N; Nik, S J; Opie, A; Janmale, T; Tang, D N; Kim, D; Doesburg, R M; Zainon, R; Ronaldson, J P; Cook, N J; Smithies, D; Hodge, K (2013-10-31)
      In this experiment, a meat specimen was prepared from a fresh lamb chop, which included muscle (water-like), fat (lipid-like) and bone (calcium-like) regions, and scanned. We used a 2 mm thick CdTe sensor (128×128), bump ...