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    • A Practical Guide to Particle Tracking Systems incorporating Streams 

      Nokes, Roger (University of Canterbury, 2021)
      Particle tracking systems have been used in experimental mechanics for nigh on 40 years. The technique originated in the domain of fluid mechanics, where it was typically referred to as particle tracking velocimetry ...
    • Requirements Analysis of a Serious Game for Deaf Players 

      Platt-Young Z; Shahri B; Sutherland D; Hoermann S (2019)
      Talk Town is a serious digital game to overcome social isolation in Deaf children by combating stigma associated with hearing impairments and providing modelling of social communication skills. This paper presents ...
    • Amazonia Terra de Florestas e Cerrado: um guia do clima, vegetacao, terrenos e solos do centro tropical da America do Sul 

      Cochrane TT; Cochrane TA (Amazon publishing, 2017)
      Este livro fornece uma visão geral dos recursos da Amazônia em termos de variação de climas, terrenos, vegetação e solos encontrados em toda esta vasta, e muitas vezes incompreendida, região. O livro foi preparado para ...
    • An Introduction to Ethics in Robotics and AI 

      Bartneck, Christoph; Lütge, C.; Wagner, A.; Welsh, S. (Springer, 2020)
      This open access book introduces the reader to the foundations of AI and ethics.
    • Modeling Gaze-Guided Narratives for Outdoor Tourism 

      Kiefer P; Adams B; Kwok TCK; Raubal M (Springer, 2020)
      Many outdoor spaces have hidden stories connected with them that can be used to enrich a tourist’s experience. These stories are often related to environmental features which are far from the user and far apart from each ...
    • Proceedings of the 1st New Zealand-Japan Joint Symposium on Structural and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering 

      Chiaro G; Yoshimi M (2019)
      These proceedings elucidate a broad coverage of the current State-of-the-Art, ideas and technology in Earthquake Engineering from theory to practice resulting from lessons learned from recent major earthquakes in New Zealand ...
    • Human-Robot Interaction - An Introduction 

      Bartneck, Christoph; Belpaeme T; Eyssel F; Kanda T; Keijsers M; Sabanovic S (Cambridge University Press, 2019)
      The role of robots in society keeps expanding and diversifying, bringing with it a host of issues surrounding the relationship between robots and humans. This introduction to human–robot interaction (HRI), written by leading ...
    • Die Ideale Ordnung 

      Bartneck, Christoph (Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 2018)
      Dr. Rob Parks Leben ist ausser Kontrolle.
    • The Ideal Order 

      Bartneck, Christoph (Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 2018)
      Dr. Rob Park's life is out of order.
    • A Unified Creep-Fatigue Equation with Application to Engineering Design 

      Liu D; Pons DJ (2018)
      Background: Creep-fatigue damage occurs under cyclic loading at elevated temperature. The existing creep-fatigue models have limited ability to cover the full combination of creep and fatigue behaviours, except with ...
    • A Virtual Reality Environment for Prospective Memory Training 

      Mitrovic, Antonija; Mathews, Moffat; Ohlsson, Stellan; Holland, Jay; McKinlay, Audrey; Ogden, Scott; Bracegirdle, Anthony; Dopping-Hepenstal, Sam (University of Canterbury, 2014)
      Prospective Memory (PM), or remembering to perform tasks in the future, is of crucial importance for everyday life. Stroke survivors often have impaired prospective memory, which can interfere with their independent ...
    • Affective Expressions of Machines 

      Bartneck, Christoph (2000)
      Emotions should play an important role in the design of interfaces because people interact with machines as if they were social actors. This paper presents a literature review on affective expressions through speech, ...
    • Local Tchebichef Moments for Texture Analysis 

      Mukundan, R. (Science Gate PublishingUniversity of Canterbury. Computer Science and Software Engineering, 2014)
      Orthogonal moment functions based on Tchebichef polynomials have found several applications in the field of image analysis because of their superior feature representation capabilities. Local features represented by such ...
    • Amazon Forest and Savanna Lands: A guide to the climates, vegetation, landscapes and soils of central tropical South America 

      Cochrane, T.T.; Cochrane, T.A. (CreateSpaceUniversity of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 2010)
      This book provides an overview of the land resources of the Amazon in terms of the varying climates, landscapes, vegetation and soils found throughout this vast, often misunderstood region. It has been prepared for a broad ...
    • La Amazonia Tierras de Bosques y Sabanas: Una guia del clima, vegetacion, paisajes y suelos de Sudamerica tropical central (Spanish edition) 

      Cochrane, T.T.; Cochrane, T.A. (CreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformUniversity of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 2012)
      Este libro proporciona una visión general de los recursos de la tierra de la Amazonía en los diferentes climas, paisajes, vegetación y suelos de toda esta amplia, a menudo incomprendida región. Se ha preparado para una ...
    • Guía para la identificación de atributos para definir Bosques de Alto Valor de Conservación en Bolivia (A Guide for Identifying High Conservation Value Forests) 

      Rumiz, D.I.; Mostacedo, B.; Cochrane, T.A.; Rozo, B. (CFV (Certificación Forestal Voluntaria) and GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit)University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources EngineeringUniversity of Canterbury. Natural Resources Engineering, 2004)
      National Interpretations of the High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) Toolkit provide a practical methodology to be used on a routine basis to identify High Conservation Value Forests. They also provide guidance on what ...
    • The state-of-art of underwater vehicles - Theories and applications 

      Wang, W.H.; Engelaar, R.C.; Chen, X.Q.; Chase, Geoff (I-Tech Education and PublishingUniversity of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2009)
      An autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) is an underwater system that contains its own power and is controlled by an onboard computer. Although many names are given to these vehicles, such as remotely operated vehicles ...
    • Cable-Climbing Robots for Power Line Inspection 

      Nayyerloo, M.; Chen, X.Q.; Wang, W.H.; Chase, Geoff (I-Tech Education and PublishingUniversity of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2009)
      Power transmission line inspection is of utmost importance for power companies towards having sustainable electricity supply to vast number of customers in major industries as well as households in a city. Inspection ...
    • Semantic Integration of Adaptive Educational Systems 

      Sosnovsky, S.; Brusilovsky, P.; Yudeslon, M.; Mitrovic, Antonija; Mathews, M.; Kumar, A. (SpringerUniversity of Canterbury. Computer Science and Software Engineering, 2009)
      With the growth of adaptive educational systems available to students, integration of these systems is evolving from an interesting research problem into an important practical task. One of the challenges that needs to ...