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    • Computer Science Unplugged: An enrichment and extension programme for primary-aged children 

      Bell, T.; Witten, I.H.; Fellows, M.; Adams, R.; McKenzie, J. (University of Canterbury. Computer Science and Software Engineering., 2005)
      Computers are everywhere. We all need to learn how to use them, and many of us use them every day. But how do they work? How do they think? And how can people make them go faster and better? Computer Science is a fascinating ...
    • Semantic Integration of Adaptive Educational Systems 

      Sosnovsky, S.; Brusilovsky, P.; Yudeslon, M.; Mitrovic, A.; Mathews, M.; Kumar, A. (SpringerUniversity of Canterbury. Computer Science and Software Engineering, 2009)
      With the growth of adaptive educational systems available to students, integration of these systems is evolving from an interesting research problem into an important practical task. One of the challenges that needs to ...