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    • Planning Shake-Table Testing of a Three-Story Low-Damage Steel Frame Building 

      Rangwani, Kiran; MacRae, Gregory; Clifton, Charles; Dhakal, Rajesh; Bagheri, Hamed; Beattie, Graeme; Elwood, Ken; Hashemi, Ashkan; Quenneville, Pierre; Ramhormozian, Shahab; Rashid, Mohammad; Rodgers, Geoff; Sullivan, Tim; Yan, Zhenduo; Zarnani, Pouyan (2018)
      INTRODUCTION As part of QuakeCoRE research into the reparability of structures, the ROBUST (RObust BUilding SysTem) BUILDING SYSTEM TESTING programme is a collaborative NZ-Chinese project involving the 2-D shaking table ...