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    • Assessing the Antarctic lithodidae (King crab) hypothesis: invasion or endurance? 

      Stent, Simon (University of Canterbury, 2018)
      Rising sea temperature, as a result of anthropogenic climate change, has contributed to dynamic ecological changes across the globe. As a result the previously isolated ecosystem of Antarctica will likely soon be at risk ...
    • A feasibility assessment of emergent technology for use in Antarctica 

      Stent, Simon (2018)
      Both the Antarctic Treaty 1959, and Madrid Protocol 1991, set as one of their leading principles “The protection of the environment”. As such operations in Antarctica, and the operators behind them, should constantly be ...
    • Terra Futura: Antarctica in science fiction narratives. 

      Clery, Regina; Frame, Bob; Lindeman, Rob; Scott, Christine; Stent, Simon (2018)
      Across a range of genres, and from multiple sources, we have explored the main themes of specific science fiction works and how they contribute to public discourse on the Antarctic. In this case we have defined science ...