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    • Antarctic future technologies. 

      Fletcher, Ashley; Battaerd, Bjorn; Mills, Francesca; Rees, Olivia; Gillies, Tasman (2018)
      Science in Antarctica has greatly increased our knowledge of climate, the Earth’s history and the human impact on the world’s environments, yet scientific activities in Antarctica are having a direct impact on the immediate ...
    • A review of recent discussion surrounding Australia’s Antarctic Policy. 

      Fletcher, Ashley (University of Canterbury, 2018)
      Australia’s Antarctic policy has been a discussion point between academics, think tanks and government departments in recent years. The 100th year anniversary of Mawson’s Australasian Antarctic Expedition prompted a national ...
    • Sovereignty and its hold on the Antarctic Treaty System, can it be displaced? 

      Fletcher, Ashley (2018)
      This essay looks at the issue of sovereignty with the Antarctic Treaty system. Sovereignty has continued to be an issue with states asserting their territorial sovereign rights in multiple ways. The issue of extending ...