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    • Feasibility of instrumental detection of meteorites in Antarctica 

      Faber, Daniel (2011)
      Currently the most effective method of detecting meteorites in Antarctica is by eye. An investigation has been made of the feasibility of locating Antarctica meteorites by use of magnetic and/or electromagnetic means, ...
    • Meteorite concentration mechanisms in Antarctica 

      Faber, Daniel (University of Canterbury, 2011)
      Meteorites are an obscure and finite (within any reasonably time period) land-based resource in Antarctica that are of significant interest to planetary science. They can hold clues to the early formation of the solar system, ...
    • Tourism in Antarctica: a numbers game 

      Christensen, Aurora; Faber, Daniel; Herbert, Jessie; Jones, Tim (2011)
      Call after call has been made over many years for more international regulation - in many different flavours - to limit the number of Antarctic tourists. The authors remain unconvinced by this approach. This report ...