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    • Antarctic sea ice and its implications. 

      Ahearn, John; Grover-Johnson, Olivia; Kringen, Tayele; Miller, Anna; Power, Chloe (2018)
      Global warming has caused a significant decrease in sea ice coverage in the Arctic. This is having far reaching implications for the ecosystems, as well as dramatically changing the way that humans interact with the Arctic ...
    • Food for man-hauling and other extreme physical activities in the Antarctic 

      Ahearn, John (University of Canterbury, 2018)
      The explorers of the Heroic Age and earlier understood the need for a well balanced diet with additional calorific value and nutrients for traveling and exploring the Antarctic. They went to considerable lengths to test ...
    • GNSS Machine Guidance in the Antarctic 

      Ahearn, John (2018)
      Introduction: Opportunities exist for machine control systems that can provide safe navigation during extreme weather, and also provide guidance over dangerous terrain. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)-based ...