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    • A case for Voice 

      Connell T; Rennell E; Shirakawa M; Quinn H (2011)
    • Dispositions of elite-level Australian rugby coaches towards Game Sense: characteristics of their coaching habitus 

      Light RL; Evans JR (2013)
      Bourdieu's analytic concept of habitus has provided a valuable means of theorising coach development but is yet to be operationalised in empirical research. This article redresses this oversight by drawing on a larger study ...
    • Methods for field measurement and remote sensing of the swash zone 

      Pitman SJ (2014)
      Swash action is the dominant process responsible for the cross-shore exchange of sediment between the subaerial and subaqueous zones, with a significant part of the littoral drift also taking place as a result of swash ...
    • Spatial variability in surficial Christchurch soils via 5 m shear wave velocity Vs5 

      McGann CR; Bradley BA; Cubrinovski M (2015)
      This paper provides a summary of the development of a shear wave velocity (Vs) model for the greater urban area of Christchurch, New Zealand. The model is based on the application of the recently developed Christchurch-specific ...
    • Rip current observations on a low-sloping dissipative beach 

      Gallop S; Bryan K; Pitman SJ; Ranasinghe R; Sandwell D (2015)
      Rip currents are the main cause of beach rescues and fatalities. Key drivers of rip current hazard are: (1) fast current speeds; and (2) the exit rate of floating material from inside to outside of the surf zone. Exit ...
    • IceCube-Gen2 - The Next Generation Neutrino Observatory at the South Pole: Contributions to ICRC 2015 

      Collaboration TI-G; Aartsen MG; Abraham K; Ackermann M; Adams J; Aguilar JA; Ahlers M; Ahrens M; Altmann D; Anderson T; Ansseau I; Anton G; Archinger M; Arguelles C; Arlen TC; Auffenberg J; Axani S; Bai X; Bartos I; Barwick SW; Baum V; Bay R; Beatty JJ; Tjus JB; Becker K-H; Beiser E; BenZvi S; Berghaus P; Berley D; Bernardini E; Bernhard A; Besson DZ; Binder G; Bindig D; Bissok M; Blaufuss E; Blumenthal J; Boersma DJ; Bohm C; Börner M; Bos F; Bose D; Böser S; Botner O; Braun J; Brayeur L; Bretz H-P; Buzinsky N; Casey J; Casier M; Cheung E; Chirkin D; Christov A; Clark K; Classen L; Coenders S; Collin GH; Conrad JM; Cowen DF; Silva AHC; Daughhetee J; Davis JC; Day M; André JPAMD; Clercq CD; Rosendo EDP; Dembinski H; Ridder SD; Desiati P; Vries KDD; Wasseige GD; With MD; DeYoung T; Diaz-Vélez JC; Lorenzo VD; Dumm JP; Dunkman M; Eagan R; Eberhardt B; Ehrhardt T; Eichmann B; Euler S; Evans JJ; Evenson PA; Fadiran O; Fahey S; Fazely AR; Fedynitch A; Feintzeig J; Felde J; Filimonov K; Finley C; Fischer-Wasels T; Flis S; Fösig C-C; Fuchs T; Gaisser TK; Gaior R; Gallagher J; Gerhardt L; Ghorbani K; Gier D; Gladstone L; Glagla M; Glüsenkamp T; Goldschmidt A; Golup G; Gonzalez JG; Góra D; Grant D; Groh JC; Groß A; Ha C; Haack C; Ismail AH; Hallgren A; Halzen F; Hansmann B; Hanson K; Haugen J; Hebecker D; Heereman D; Helbing K; Hellauer R; Hellwig D; Hickford S; Hignight J; Hill GC; Hoffman KD; Hoffmann R; Holzapfel K; Homeier A; Hoshina K; Huang F; Huber M; Huelsnitz W; Hulth PO; Hultqvist K; In S; Ishihara A; Jacobi E; Japaridze GS; Jero K; Jones BJP; Jurkovic M; Kalekin O; Kaminsky B; Kappes A; Karg T; Karle A; Katori T; Katz U; Kauer M; Keivani A; Kelley JL; Kemp J; Kheirandish A; Kiryluk J; Kläs J; Klein SR; Kohnen G; Koirala R; Kolanoski H; Konietz R; Koob A; Köpke L; Kopper C; Kopper S; Koskinen DJ; Kowalski M; Krauss CB; Krings K; Kroll G; Kroll M; Kunnen J; Kurahashi N; Kuwabara T; Labare M; Lanfranchi JL; Larson MJ; Lesiak-Bzdak M; Leuermann M; Leuner J; LoSecco J; Lu L; Lünemann J; Madsen J; Maggi G; Mahn KBM; Marka S; Marka Z; Maruyama R; Mase K; Matis HS; Maunu R; McNally F; Meagher K; Medici M; Meli A; Menne T; Merino G; Meures T; Miarecki S; Middell E; Middlemas E; Mohrmann L; Montaruli T; Moore RW; Morse R; Nahnhauer R; Naumann U; Neer G; Niederhausen H; Nowicki SC; Nygren DR; Obertacke A; Olivas A; Omairat A; O'Murchadha A; Palazzo A; Palczewski T; Pandya H; Paul L; Pepper JA; Heros CPDL; Petersen TC; Pfendner C; Pieloth D; Pinat E; Pinfold JL; Posselt J; Price PB; Przybylski GT; Pütz J; Quinnan M; Raab C; Rädel L; Rameez M; Rawlins K; Reimann R; Relich M; Resconi E; Rhode W; Richman M; Richter S; Riedel B; Robertson S; Rongen M; Rott C; Ruhe T; Ryckbosch D; Saba SM; Sabbatini L; Sander H-G; Sandrock A; Sandroos J; Sandstrom P; Sarkar S; Schatto K; Scheriau F; Schimp M; Schmidt T; Schmitz M; Schoenen S; Schöneberg S; Schönwald A; Schulte L; Seckel D; Seunarine S; Shaevitz MH; Shanidze R; Smith MWE; Soldin D; Söldner-Rembold S; Song M; Spiczak GM; Spiering C; Stahlberg M; Stamatikos M; Stanev T; Stanisha NA; Stasik A; Stezelberger T; Stokstad RG; Stößl A; Ström R; Strotjohann NL; Sullivan GW; Sutherland M; Taavola H; Taboada I; Taketa A; Tanaka HKM; Ter-Antonyan S; Terliuk A; Tešić G; Tilav S; Toale PA; Tobin MN; Toscano S; Tosi D; Tselengidou M; Turcati A; Unger E; Usner M; Vallecorsa S; Vandenbroucke J; Eijndhoven NV; Vanheule S; Santen JV; Veenkamp J; Vehring M; Voge M; Vraeghe M; Walck C; Wallace A; Wallraff M; Wandkowsky N; Weaver C; Wendt C; Westerhoff S; Whelan BJ; Whitehorn N; Wichary C; Wiebe K; Wiebusch CH; Wille L; Williams DR; Wissing H; Wolf M; Wood TR; Woschnagg K; Wren S; Xu DL; Xu XW; Xu Y; Yanez JP; Yodh G; Yoshida S; Zoll M (2015)
      Papers submitted to the 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC 2015, The Hague) by the IceCube-Gen2 Collaboration. IceTop is the 1 km2 surface array of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory. Measurements of ground level ...
    • The role of the art of living in early childhood education 

      Teschers C (2016)
      The notions of well-being and happiness are widely used today in a range of disciplines, areas of research, educational practice and daily life. However, these terms have to be considered critically, and careful reflection ...
    • Rapid EV Chargers: Implementation of a Charger 

      jar B; Miller AJV; watson NR (2016)
    • The Power Quality trend in a New Zealand Distribution Company 

      Wijaya H; Watson N; Bonnett G (Electrical Engineers' Association NZ, 2016)
    • Impacts of new technologies on load profiles 

      Campbell M; Miller AJV; Watson NR (2016)
    • Force-Based Beam-Column Element with Multispring Models for Modelling Post-Tensioned Rocking Members 

      Lee CL (2017)
      Post-tensioned rocking beams and columns are popularly used in earthquake-resistant structures because of their selfcentring and low-damage response characteristics. Rocking actions in these members arise from the ...
    • Mediating publicness: An analysis of Pacific audiences’ desire for a sphere of their own in Aotearoa/New Zealand 

      Ross T (2017)
      This paper suggests that Pacific groups are positioned narrowly in New Zealand publicness, often in ways that run counter to Pacific audiences’ demand for in-depth news and information and public debate. Focus groups held ...
    • Flexible and Part-time Work Arrangements in the Canterbury Legal Profession : A Report prepared by the University of Canterbury Socio-Legal Research Group for the Canterbury Women’s Legal Association 

      Cheer U; Taylor L; Masselot A; Baird N; Powell RL (University of Canterbury, 2017)
      In 2015 a research team in the School of Law at the University of Canterbury developed a project with the Canterbury Women’s Legal Association to gather information about flexible and part-time work practices in the ...
    • Erosion sources and sediment pathways to streams associated with forest harvesting activities in New Zealand. 

      Visser R; Brown, K.R. (2017)
      Streams and rivers are abundant in our plantation forests and the Forest Industry prides itself on protecting the intrinsic values they provide, including clean water and quality aquatic habitat. In ensuring they remain ...
    • Performance of road bridges during the 14 November 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake 

      Palermo A; Liu R; Rais A; McHaffie B; Pampanin S; Gentile R; Nuzzo I; Granerio M; Loporcaro G; McGann CR; Wotherspoon LM; Andisheh, K (2017)
      The transport infrastructure was majorly affected by the 14th November 2016 Kaikōura Earthquake. Severe vertical and horizontal peak ground accelerations generated high inertial forces, land-slides, and liquefaction. Most ...
    • Playing with philosophy: Gestures, life-performance, P4C and an art of living 

      D'Olimpio L; Teschers C (2017)
      It can hardly be denied that play is an important tool for the development and socialisation of children. In this article we argue that through dramaturgical play in combination with pedagogical tools such as the Community ...
    • Korea Microlensing Telescope Network Microlensing Events from 2015: Event-Finding Algorithm, Vetting, and Photometry 

      Kim D-J; Kim H-W; Hwang K-H; Albrow MD; Chung S-J; Gould A; Han C; Jung YK; Ryu Y-H; Shin I-G; Yee JC; Zhu W; Cha S-M; Kim S-L; Lee C-U; Lee Y; Park B-G; Pogge RW (2017)
      We present microlensing events in the 2015 Korea Microlensing Telescope Network (KMTNet) data and our procedure for identifying these events. In particular, candidates were detected with a novel "completed event" microlensing ...
    • Against Lewis on ‘Desire as Belief’ 

      Campbell DI (2017)
      David Lewis describes, then attempts to refute, a simple anti-Humean theory of desire he calls ‘Desire as Belief’. Lewis’ critics generally accept that his argument is sound and focus instead on trying to show that its ...