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    • Anachronism of the True. Reading Reading Capital 

      Romé, Natalia (University of Canterbury, 2017)
      This essay explores the vitality of an Althusserian reading of Capital by means of a reconsideration of the so-called “theoreticism”. In this sense, I propose to approach the Althusserian intervention in the terms of a ...
    • The Marxist analysis of Manjula Padmanabhan’s “Lights Out” 

      Bhargavi, G Vasishta (Project Monma Research Centre, 2017)
      The societal rules have been largely shaped by the male-dominated legislators and forces where there is a limited right to exist for a woman. The woman though married or unmarried or a prostitute the way the society looks ...
    • The Organic Composition of Big Mama 

      Worrell, Mark P.; Krier, Daniel (University of Canterbury, 2017)
      A century and a half after Marx’s Capital, a synthetic idea of post-revolutionary society remains to be completed. We note a disconnect between Marx’s brilliant dialectical analysis of the commodity and the prophesized ...