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    • A World without the Novel 

      Végső, Roland (University of Canterbury, 2019)
      The primary objective of the essay is to draw the consequences of a truly consistent deployment of the utopian desire that animates Georg Lukács’s The Theory of the Novel. On the one hand, it is quite evident that for ...
    • Young political aspirants in the Fiji 2014 elections- motivations and experiences 

      Vakaoti, Patrick (Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies, 2017)
      In 2014, Fiji held general elections for the first time since the coup of 2006. The elections had many features that differed from previous elections. One feature was the reduction of the voting age to 18 years. This, ...
    • Zadie Smith’s and Judith Butler’s Novelistic Inconsistencies 

      Sayers, Philip (University of Canterbury, 2019)
      This article argues that the novel’s embrace of inconsistency over rigour and commitment is its key distinguishing feature as a form of thought. Whereas critical theory, like other academic disciplines, tends to valorise ...