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    • Computational and rapid expected annual loss estimation methodologies for structures 

      Solberg, K.M.; Dhakal, R.P.; Mander, J.B.; Bradley, B.A. (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 2008)
      Expected annual loss (EAL), which can be expressed in dollars, is an effective way of communicating the seismic vulnerability of constructed facilities to owners and insurers. A simplified method for estimating EAL without ...
    • Investigation of Rocking Connections Designed for Damage Avoidance with High Force-to-Volume Energy Dissipation 

      Rodgers, G.W.; Chase, J.G.; Dhakal, R.P.; Solberg, K.M.; Macrae, G.; Mander, J.B.; Mander, T.J. (University of Canterbury. Chemical and Process EngineeringUniversity of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources EngineeringUniversity of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer EngineeringUniversity of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2008)
      Modern structures are designed with a sacrificial design principle that values life safety at the expense of energy-absorbing structural damage. The significant long term economic impact of major seismic events due to the ...
    • Seismic performance of damage-protected beam-column joints 

      Solberg, K.; Dhakal, R.P.; Bradley, B.; Mander, J.B.; Li, L. (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 2008)
      An experimental and computational study of an 80%-scale precast concrete three-dimensional (3D) beam-column joint subassembly designed with damage-protected rocking connections is presented. A prestress system is implemented ...