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    • Tight Glycemic Control in Critical Care - The leading role of insulin sensitivity and patient variability – A review and model-based analysis 

      Chase, J.G.; Le Compte, A.J.; Suhaimi, F.; Shaw, G.M.; Lynn, A.; Lin, J.; Pretty, C.G.; Razak, N.N.; Parente, J.D.; Hann, C.E.; Preiser, J-C.; Desaive, T. (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer EngineeringUniversity of Canterbury. Mathematics and StatisticsUniversity of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2011)
      Tight glycemic control (TGC) has emerged as a major research focus in critical care due to its potential to simultaneously reduce both mortality and costs. However, repeating initial successful TGC trials that reduced ...
    • Untangling glycaemia and mortality in critical care 

      Uyttendaele V; Dickson JL; Shaw GM; Desaive T; Chase, J.G. (2017)
      Hyperglycaemia is associated with adverse outcomes in the intensive care unit, and initial studies suggested outcome benefits of glycaemic control (GC). However, subsequent studies often failed to replicate these results, ...