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    • GQL : a graphical query interface for relational databases 

      Naguleswaran, M.; Churcher, N. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Computer Science, 1989)
      The linear data manipulation languages (DMLs) used to query typical relational databases have a number of practical disadvantages for users of all levels. The aim of graphical query languages is to provide efficiency for ...
    • A graphical relational query language on Apple Macintosh 

      Naguleswaran, M. (University of Canterbury. Computer Science, 1988)
      Graphical presentation has been used effectively to reduce complexity long before computers were invented. The Macintosh's user interface is the motivation for this project to design a graphical relational query language ...
    • Performance measurement and optimization of an implementation of stage2 in B6700 algol 

      Naguleswaran, M. (University of Canterbury, 1977)
      Program optimization is the process of changing the organization of a software systems so as to optimize resource utilization. When the program to be optimized is an application program rather than a systems program, the ...