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    • Groundwater characterisation and disposal modelling for coal seam gas recovery 

      Taulis, Mauricio (University of Canterbury. Civil Engineering, 2007)
      Coal Seam Gas (CSG) is a form of natural gas (mainly methane) sorbed in underground coal deposits. Mining this gas involves drilling a well directly into an underground coal seam, and pumping out the water (CSG water) ...
    • How to solve our water crisis: a demo spot market for ground water 

      Raffensperger, J.F.; Milke, M.W. (University of Canterbury. Civil Engineering.University of Canterbury. Management., 2006)
      We show how to set up a physically and economically correct market for ground and surface water, using a modified version of MODMAN. MODMAN uses MODFLOW to produce a response matrix, which in turn becomes part of a linear ...