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    • A GA-based transport modal choice model 

      Andrade, K.; Uchida, K.; Kagaya, S.; Dantas, A.; Nicholson, A. (University of Canterbury. Civil Engineering., 2006)
      This paper presents a hybrid transport modal choice model in which the genetic algorithm is applied for estimating parameters of a Multinomial Logit Model. The model has a simple decision structure which requires relatively ...
    • Gate Bias Control and Harmonic Load Modulation for a Doherty Amplifier 

      Smith, Karla Jenny Isabella (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2009)
      Linearity and efficiency are both critical parameters for radio frequency transmitter applications. In theory, a Doherty amplifier is a linear amplifier that is significantly more efficient than comparable conventional ...
    • Gearing Up for the Future 

      Hendtlass, Charles (Centre for Advanced Engineering, University of Canterbury, 2007)
      Brief outline of CAE, the CAE Patronage Plan and supporters
    • A general algorithm for pade approximation to formal power series 

      Loi, S. L. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Mathematics, 1982)
      A general algorithm for constructing an interpolating function from a linear family of functions forming a Chebyshev system has been given by Brezinski in [1]. This algorithm was extended to generalized rational ...
    • A general algorithm for rational interpolation 

      Loi, Soh Loi (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Mathematics, 1984)
      A recursive algorithm for the construction of the generalized form of the interpolating rational function is derived. This generalization of the Neville-Aitken algorithm constructs a table of all possible rational ...
    • The general mechanism of evaporation and production of saturated brine by natural evaporation of sea water in large ponds 

      Teplitzky, D. R. (University of Canterbury. Chemical Engineering, 1954)
      The principle of manufacturing salt from the sea is discussed. An examination of the literature indicates that the only relevant investigation which has been carried out is on the rate of evaporation from large bodies of ...
    • A General Model of Adaptive Tutorial Dialogues for Intelligent Tutoring Systems 

      Weerasinghe, A. (University of Canterbury. Computer Science and Software Engineering, 2013)
      Adaptive tutorial dialogues have been successfully employed by ITSs to facilitate deep learning of conceptual domain knowledge. But none of the approaches used for generating dialogues have been used across instructional ...
    • General time reversible distances with unequal rates across sites 

      Waddell, Peter J.; Steel, M. A. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Mathematics, 1996)
      A series of new results, with proofs, useful to the study of DNA sequences using Markov models of substitution are presented. General time-reversible distances can be extended to accommodate any fixed distribution of ...
    • A General-Purpose GPU Reservoir Computer 

      Keith, Tūreiti (University of Canterbury. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, 2013)
      The reservoir computer comprises a reservoir of possibly non-linear, possibly chaotic dynamics. By perturbing and taking outputs from this reservoir, its dynamics may be harnessed to compute complex problems at “the edge ...
    • Generalisability of a virtual trials method for glycaemic control in intensive care 

      Dickson JL; Stewart KW; Pretty CG; Flechet M; Desaive T; Penning S; Lambermont BC; Benyo B; Shaw GM; Chase, J.G. (2017)
      Elevated blood glucose (BG) concentrations (Hyperglycaemia) are a common complication in critically ill patients. Insulin therapy is commonly used to treat hyperglycaemia, but metabolic variability often results in poor ...
    • Generalised discriminants 

      Woodcock, C.F.; Graves-Morris, P.R. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Mathematics, 1995)
      In this paper, we establish the generalised discriminant theorem governing uniqueness of symmetric polynomials in n variables of least total degree dn,k which vanish when any k + 1 of the variables are equal.
    • Generalised linear diversity receivers for wireless TDMA systems 

      Hebley, Matthew G. (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 1997)
      The continual demand for increased mobile radio capacity prompts continued development of new technology to increase system performance. This thesis presents an investigation of the performance of a generalised linear ...
    • Generalised linear mixed models and its application in R 

      Dawber, J. (University of Canterbury, 2009)
      Through the benefits of mixed modeling over the usual fixed effects modeling, certain data sets can be better understood. Repeated measures data is especially well suited to mixed models. The repeated measures can be ...
    • A generalized conditional intensity measure approach and holistic ground motion selection 

      Bradley, B.A. (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 2010)
      The rigorous selection of ground motions is an important consideration in a seismic risk assessment as it provides the link between seismic hazard (seismology) and seismic response (earthquake engineering). Despite the ...
    • A generalized conditional intensity measure approach and holistic ground motion selection 

      Bradley, B.A. (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 2010)
      A generalised conditional intensity measure (GCIM) approach is proposed for use in the holistic selection of ground motions for any form of seismic response analysis. The essence of the method is the construction of the ...
    • Generalized Quadrangles and Projective Axes of Symmetry 

      Steinke, G.F.; van Maldeghem, H. (University of Canterbury. Mathematics and Statistics, 2010)
      We investigate generalized quadrangles Γ that admit at least two projective axes of symmetry. We show that if there are three such axes incident with a common point x, then x is a translation point of Γ. In case that Γ is ...
    • A Generalized Simulation Framework for Tethered Remotely Operated Vehicles in Realistic Underwater Environments 

      Ganoni O; Mukundan R; Green R (MDPI AG, 2018)
      This paper presents a framework for simulating visually realistic motion of underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) in highly complex models of aquatic environments. The models include a wide range of objects such as ...
    • Generalized Δ-Y Exchange and k-Regular Matroids 

      Oxley, J.; Semple, C.; Vertigan, D. (University of Canterbury. Mathematics and Statistics., 2000)
      This paper introduces a generalization of the matroid operation of Δ − Y exchange. This new operation, segment-cosegment exchange, replaces a coindependent set of k collinear points in a matroid by an independent set of ...
    • Generating an efficient remote collaboration environment using shared gaze. 

      Barathan, Sathya Kumar (University of Canterbury, 2016)
      Visual sharing over long distance has become an everyday medium with the current advancements in technology. A person can simply wear a head-mounted display (HMD) such as the Google Glass and enable another person to view ...