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    • An X-Windows monitoring system for SunOS MINIX 

      Ayers, Daniel Francis (University of Canterbury. Computer Science, 1995)
      Most operating systems instructors recognise the value of practical work in their courses. Laboratory-style practical work offers the student the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. The incorporation ...
    • X.25 protocol analyser 

      Daniell, C. S. (University of Canterbury, 1989)
      The aim of this project was to produce a tool to aid with the statistical analysis of the data flow on communications lines operating with the X.25 packet switching protocol.
    • XIDENT : a computer technique for the direct indexing of electron diffraction spot patterns 

      Rhoades, B. L. (University of Canterbury, 1976)
      A rapid computer technique to index electron diffraction spot patterns from any crystal structure is described. The diffracting zone, which is represented to the computer by the measured diffracted distances of three ...
    • XML in the Visualisation Pipeline 

      Irwin, W.; Churcher, N. (Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering, University of CanterburyUniversity of Canterbury. Computer Science and Software Engineering, 2001)
      The extensible markup language (XML) has been applied successfully in a wide range of application domains and is beginning to find applications in visualisation. We explore the possibility that, rather than simply ...
    • YAC-Bus : an interface for microprocessor-controlled peripherals 

      Stott, C. P. (University of Canterbury. Computer Science, 1980)
      The use of the microprocessor to control a computer's peripheral changes the criteria for the interface between the peripheral and computer. An interface is described in which the data handled by the peripheral is stored ...
    • YACAS : a batch computer animation system 

      Britton, Thomas J. (University of Canterbury. Computer Science, 1978)
      This thesis describes the design and implementation of a computer animation system called YACAS. YACAS is a batch animation system consisting of two parts. One part is a set of subroutines written in Burroughs Extended ...
    • Yacht design 

      Holland, K. J. (University of Canterbury. Department of Computer Science, 1985)
      The problem being researched is that of how computers can help in the design process that is employed in designing a yacht hull. This is a problem that has been researched before but with different results to what have ...
    • Zen and the Art of Engineering Education 

      Pandey, S.; Lapthorn, A.; Irani, Y.; Miller, A. (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer EngineeringUniversity of Canterbury. Electric Power Engineering Centre, 2014)
      Attracting the next generation to consider the electricity industry as their career choice is something that has long been discussed. The ‘Smart People for a Sustainable Future’ session at the 2013 EEA conference brought ...
    • Zinc Oxide MESFET Transistors 

      Turner, Gary Chandler (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2009)
      Zinc oxide is a familiar ingredient in common household items including sunscreen and medicines. It is, however, also a semiconductor material. As such, it is possible to use zinc oxide (ZnO) to make semiconductor devices ...