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    • A MAC Protocol and a Scheduling Approach as Elements of a Lower Layers Architecture ini Wireless Industrial LANs 

      Willig, Andreas (University of Canterbury. Computer Science and Software Engineering, 1997)
      This work-in-progress paper describes some elements of our efforts in defining an architecture and an appropriate set of protocols for industrial local area networks (ILAN) with wireless communication media. The major ...
    • MacDiammer-Design & Implementation 

      Li, Sim Choong (University of Canterbury. Computer Science, 1987)
      Data base design is without doubt a complex, challenging and creative process. On the other hand, it can be a tedious and error-prone process as well. The first complexity comes from the fact that high level of interaction ...
    • Machine Interval Experiments 

      Sainudiin, R. (University of Canterbury. Mathematics and Statistics, 2005)
      A statistical experiment is a mathematical object that provides a framework for statistical inference, including hypothesis testing and parameter estimation, from observations of an empirical phenomenon. When observations ...
    • Machine Learning for Intelligent Control: Application of Reinforcement Learning Techniques to the Development of Flight Control Systems for Miniature UAV Rotorcraft 

      Hayes, Edwin Laurie (University of Canterbury. Department of Mechanical Engineering, 2013)
      This thesis investigates the possibility of using reinforcement learning (RL) techniques to create a flight controller for a quadrotor Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV). A capable flight control system is a core requirement ...
    • Machine learning-supported and data-driven enhancements of distributed infrastructure seismic resilience 

      Bellagamba, Xavier (University of Canterbury, 2019)
      This dissertation presents four research elements that aim to improve the seismic resilience of communities. Two of these elements are dedicated to directly improve the resilience of buried infrastructure networks (in ...
    • Machine Monitoring - A Market Study with Application of Business Model Innovation Theory 

      Fernandez, Rajan (University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2013)
      Condition monitoring business has been of interest to Sulzer since the 1990s when the Sulzer Diagnostic System (SUDIS) was developed. However, since the invention of SUDIS, Sulzer has had limited commercial success with ...
    • Machine Vision and Image Processing for Automated Cell Injection 

      Wang, W.H.; Hewett, D.; Hann, C.E.; Chase, J.G.; Chen, X.Q. (University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2008)
      This paper presents image processing algorithms for cell structure recognition, which provides the desired deposition destinations without human interference for an automated cell injection system. Adherent cells (endothelial ...
    • Macrodiversity MIMO Transceivers 

      Basnayaka, Dushyantha (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2012)
      In wireless systems, radio signals are corrupted due to fading, interference and noise. In order to handle the effects of fading and interference, modern systems employ various techniques including multi-antenna ...
    • mAGiC DRAGONS: A Protocol for Accurate Glycaemic Control in General Wards 

      Thomas, F.L.; Watson, A.; Tomlinson, H.; Borowczyk, H.; Pretty, C.G.; Fisk, L.; Dickson, J.L.; Chiew, Y.S.; Shaw, G.M.; Chase, J.G. (University of Canterbury. Chemical and Process EngineeringUniversity of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2014)
      Accurate glycaemic control (AGC) has been shown to be beneficial to the outcomes of critically ill patients. These benefits may also extend to patients in less acute wards, particularly those with existing diabetes. However, ...
    • Maintaining 3-connectivity relative to a fixed basis 

      Oxley, J.; Semple, C.; Whittle, G. (University of Canterbury. Mathematics and Statistics., 2008)
      A standard matrix representation A of a matroid M represents M relative to a fixed basis B. Deleting rows and columns of A correspond to contracting elements of B and deleting elements of E(M)-B. If M is 3-connected, it ...
    • Maintaining Fire-fighter Tenability in Unsprinklered Single-storey Industrial Buildings using Roof Venting 

      McDonald, Timothy Myles (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 2012)
      Roof venting is often utilised in large warehouses to remove smoke in order to reduce damage to a building and its contents, and to maintain access for fire-fighters. In New Zealand, the Compliance Document for the New ...
    • Making Haskell .NET Compatible 

      O’Boyle, Liam (University of Canterbury, 2002)
      Microsoft’s new .NET platform makes use of tools, built in a wide variety of languages, all running on one virtual machine, the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR). Many existing languages are to be made compatible with ...
    • The making of: Filemaker 

      Bartneck C (De-Bug, 1998)
    • Making Organisations Resilient: Understanding the Reality of the Challenge 

      Brunsdon, D.; Dalziell, E. (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 2005)
      Organisations play key roles within our society. They have the responsibility for managing, maintaining and operating our infrastructure, creating our economy, and providing employment and essential goods and services ...
    • Making sense of genotype x environment interaction of Pinus radiata in New Zealand 

      McDonald, Timothy Myles (University of Canterbury. School of Forestry, 2009)
      In New Zealand, a formal tree improvement and breeding programme for Pinus radiata (D.Don) commenced in 1952. A countrywide series of progeny trials was progressively established on over seventy sites, and is managed by ...
    • Making statistics real: Working with Statistics New Zealand 

      Brown, J.A.; Penny, R.; Reale, M. (University of Canterbury. Mathematics and Statistics., 2006)
      At University of Canterbury (UC) the statistics group have developed a statistics teaching program that has a high level of involvement of the official statistics agency, Statistics New Zealand. Statistics NZ involvement ...
    • Man and machines: Insights into ventilation strategies 

      Shaw, G.M.; Chase, J.G.; Yuta, T. (University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering., 2006)
    • The Man of Numbers: Fibonacci's Arithmetic Revolution : Book Review 

      Hannah, J. (University of Canterbury. Mathematics and Statistics, 2012)
    • Management of Distributed Generation Using DGHost in NZ 

      McNab, S.; Lemon, S.; Crownshaw, T.; Strahan, R.; Miller, A. (2018)
    • Management of Engineering Risk 

      Keey, Roger (Centre for Advanced Engineering, University of Canterbury, 2000)
      The aim of this book (a joint publication by CAE and IPENZ) is to provide an overview of the strategy and techniques of engineering-risk management. While there are many books available that deal with engineering risk ...