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    • The d-primary Brauer-Manin obstruction for Curves 

      Creutz B; Viray B; Voloch JF (2017)
      For a curve over a global field we consider for which integers d the d-primary part of the Brauer group can obstruct the existence of rational points. We give examples showing it is possible that there is a d-primary ...
    • DAD Post-Tensioned Concrete Connections with Lead Dampers: Analytical Models and Experimental Validation 

      Rodgers, G.W.; Chase, J.G.; Mander, J.B.; Dhakal, R.P.; Solberg, K.M. (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering.University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering., 2007)
    • Daily Evolution of Insulin Sensitivity Variability with Respect to Diagnosis in the Critically Ill 

      Ferenci, T.; Benyo, B.; Kovacs, L.; Fisk, L.; Shaw, G.M.; Chase, J.G. (University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2013)
      This study examines the likelihood and evolution of overall and hypoglycemia-inducing variability of insulin sensitivity in ICU patients based on diagnosis and day of stay.
    • Dam-break solutions for a partial breach 

      Gozali, Salahudin (University of Canterbury. Civil Engineering, 1991)
      Four different numerical models are developed to simulate the flow resulting from a breached dam. The models are a level-reservoir-approximation model, an explicit method-of-characteristics model, an implicit method-of-c ...
    • Damage avoidance design steel beam-column moment connection using high-force-to-volume dissipators 

      Mander, T.J.; Rodgers, G.W.; Chase, J.G.; Mander, J.B.; MacRae, G.A. (University of Canterbury. Chemical and Process EngineeringUniversity of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources EngineeringUniversity of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2009)
      Existing welded steel moment frames are designed to tolerate substantial yielding and plastic rotation under earthquake loads. This sacrificial design approach can lead to permanent, and often irreparable damage when ...
    • Damage mitigation strategies for non-structural infill walls. 

      Tasligedik, Ali Sahin (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering Department, 2014)
      In most design codes, infill walls are considered as non-structural elements and thus are typically neglected in the design process. The observations made after major earthquakes (Duzce 1999, L’Aquila 2009, Christchurch ...
    • Damage Mitigation Strategies of ‘Non-Structural’ Infill Walls: Concept and Numerical-Experimental Validation Program 

      Tasligedik, A.S.; Pampanin, S.; Palermo, A. (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 2011)
      In the past design codes, infill panels/walls within frame buildings have been considered as non-structural elements and thus have been typically neglected in the design process. However, the observations made after major ...
    • Damping behaviour of plant-fibre composite materials 

      Le Guen, Marie Joo (University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2014)
      The vibration damping property of plant fibres composites is of practical interest for commercial applications of biobased and eco-composites. Damping behaviour has been observed by experimentation and exploited in the ...
    • Damping Factors and equivalent SDOF definition in the displacement-based assessment of monumental masonry structures 

      Resemini, S.; Lagomarsino, S.; Giovinazzi, S. (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 2006)
      The recent Italian seismic decrees (OPCM 3274/2003 and OPCM 3431/2005) have strongly modified the safety concept for existing buildings. This code introduces the idea of design and verification through performance-based ...
    • A data abstraction model 

      Ridwan, M. M.; Loy, Z. (University of Canterbury, 1978)
      An abstract model, called the data abstraction model, is proposed, and the basic DATAM constructs and representations are presented. The use of DATAM in the modelling and representation of the enterprise view of data is ...
    • Data analysis finalised to the calibration of vulnerability, damage and cost and reconstruction models for residential and strategic buildings (In Italian) 

      Giovinazzi, S.; Lemme, A.; Podestà, S.; Resemini, S. (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 2007)
      Molise Region has been in charge of the post-disaster reconstruction process for the municipalities of Campobasso district, after 31 October 2002 seismic event. A Delegated Commissary has been nominated and has developed ...
    • Data entry errors and design for model-based tight glycemic control in critical care 

      Ward, L.; Steel, J.; LeCompte, A.J.; Evans, A.; Tan, C.S.; Penning, S.; Shaw, G.M.; Desaive, T.; Chase, J.G. (University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2012)
      Introduction: Tight glycemic control (TGC) has shown benefits but has been difficult to achieve consistently. Model-based methods and computerized protocols offer the opportunity to improve TGC quality but require human ...
    • Data Formats for GIS: A Survey of Popular Systems 

      Ayers, Daniel (University of Canterbury. Mathematics and Statistics, 1992)
      The field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is still quite young and there are many incompatible systems on the market. Due to the high cost of data acquisition, the process of collecting data, it is desirable for ...
    • Data in Social Network Analysis 

      Vaidyanathan, A.; Shore, M.; Billinghurst, M. (University of Canterbury. Human Interface Technology Laboratory., 2008)
      Social Network research relies on a variety of data-sources, depending on the problem-scenario and the questions which the research is trying to answer or inform. In this paper, we analyze some of the datasources indexed ...
    • Data issues in cost estimation analyses for industrialising regions 

      Parthan, Shantha Rashmi; Milke, M. (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 2010)
    • Data Structures and Reduction Techniques for Fire Tests 

      Tobeck, Daniel (University of Canterbury. Civil Engineering, 2007)
      To perform fire engineering analysis, data on how an object or group of objects burn is almost always needed. This data should be collected and stored in a logical and complete fashion to allow for meaningful analysis ...
    • Data-Adaptive Multivariate Density Estimation Using Regular Pavings, With Applications to Simulation-Intensive Inference 

      Harlow, Jennifer (University of Canterbury. School of Mathematics and Statistics, 2013)
      A regular paving (RP) is a finite succession of bisections that partitions a multidimensional box into sub-boxes using a binary tree-based data structure, with the restriction that an existing sub-box in the partition may ...
    • Data-driven misconception discovery in constraint-based intelligent tutoring systems 

      Elmadani, M.; Mathews, M.; Mitrovic, A. (University of Canterbury. Computer Science and Software Engineering, 2012)
      Students often have misconceptions in the domain they are studying. Misconception identification is a difficult task but allows teachers to create strategies to appropriately address misconceptions held by students. This ...
    • A data-information sharing framework for roading organizations' response to a natural disaster 

      Gohil, D.; Dantas, A.; Dalziell, E. (University of Canterbury. Civil Engineering., 2005)
      This paper presents the development and application of a data-information sharing framework for roading organizations’ response to a natural disaster. Using a Geographical Information System (GIS), a standardized neutral ...
    • A database design for the med power supply network 

      Commons, Paul J. (University of Canterbury. Department of Computer Science, 1983)
      During the 1981-82 summer vacation, I worked for the Christchurch Municipal Electricity Department (MED) developing and implementing a vehicle information system. During this period, Chris Axford, MED Staff Planning Engineer, ...