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    • Back to the basics of intensive care: the impact of model based theraputics on ventilation and sedation management 

      Shaw, G.M.; Chase, J.G. (University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2008)
      Sub-optimal ventilation therapies and over-sedation have significant adverse impact on intensive care resources. Interventions to optimise both methods of management may result in significant reductions in resource ...
    • Back to the future: research frontiers in critical respiratory care 

      Shaw, G.M.; Chase, J.G. (University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2008)
      Poor application of up-to-date clinical practice and/or misunderstanding of the complexities in the multimodal care in patients with severe respiratory disease remain one of the greatest challenges in critical care medicine.
    • Background activity originating from same area as epileptiform events in the EEG of paediatric patients with focal epilepsy 

      Vanrumste, B.; Jones, R.D.; Bones, P.J.; Carroll, G.J. (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2004)
      The aim of this study was to investigate the presence of apparent non-epileptiform activity arising in the same brain area as epileptiform activity in the EEG of paediatric patients with focal epilepsy. The EEG from ...
    • Baghouse design for milk powder collection. 

      Litchwark, James Oliver (University of Canterbury. Chemical and Process Engineering, 2015)
      This thesis aims to improve the understanding of the factors that determine the performance of baghouses used for milk powder collection. The research focuses specifically on the similarities and differences between milk ...
    • Balancing Middle Earth: Integrating Ecological Sustainability and Effective Research into a Professional Engineering Degree in New Zealand 

      O'Sullivan, A.D.; O'Donoghue, M. (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering.University of Canterbury. University Centre for Teaching and Learning., 2007)
      Major international assessments have concluded that resource depletion is rampant and society has overshot its ecological capacity. Therefore, education of future generations charged with reversing these trends is essential ...
    • Balancing stakeholder goals in structural fire design of steel-framed buildings. 

      Akaa, Obinna Ukeni (University of Canterbury, 2017)
      When designing a steel-framed building, there are many design options available in terms of meeting the structural fire resistance objectives. Different stakeholders have different opinions about which approach is the most ...
    • The Balcony Spill Plume: Entrainment of Air into a Flow from a Compartment Opening to a Higher Projecting Balcony 

      Harrison, R.; Spearpoint, M. (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering., 2007)
      In the design of smoke ventilation systems, a crucial input parameter for balcony spill plume calculations is the mass flow rate of gases at the spill edge. In some cases, depending upon the specific geometry, these ...
    • "The Ballantynes Department Store Fire Disaster" Christchurch, 18 November 1947 

      Norton, D.C.; Gordon, B. (University of Canterbury. Civil Engineering, 1992)
      This report presents information regarding the Ballantynes Department Store Fire Disaster, which occurred at Christchurch, New Zealand, on the 18th November 1947. The complex was situated where the present building ...
    • Bandknife shearing of wool fibres 

      Hosking, K. F. (University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 1974)
      The separation of the wool and the skin is an important step in the processing of lamb and sheepskins in New Zealand Freezing Works. The chemical depilatory process used at present has a number of disadvantages. It has ...
    • Barriers to Post Disaster Reconstruction: Report on Workshop 

      Le Masurier, J.; Seville, E. (Resilient OrganisationsUniversity of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 2006)
      A workshop was held to identify the challenges and barriers to post-disaster reconstruction in New Zealand to help guide research under Objective 3 of the Resilient Organisations project. The workshop brought together ...
    • Basal Glucose is just the first measured point ... right? 

      Docherty, P.D.; Othman, N.A.; Chase, J.G.; Bell, D.A.; Krebs, J.D. (University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2015)
    • Base Isolation and Damage-Resistant Technologies for Improved Seismic Performance of Buildings 

      Buchanan, A.H.; Bull, D.; Dhakal, R.; MacRae, G.; Palermo, A.; Pampanin, S. (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 2011)
      Modern methods of seismic design (since the 1970s) allow structural engineers to design new buildings with the aim of predictable and ductile behaviour in severe earthquakes, in order to prevent collapse and loss of life. ...
    • Base isolation for multistorey building structures. 

      Charng, Peng-Hsiang (University of Canterbury. Civil Engineering, 1998)
      Earthquakes are one of nature’s greatest hazards; throughout historic time they have caused significant loss of life and severe damage to property, especially to man-made structures. On the other hand, earthquakes provide ...
    • Basic density of radiata pine in New Zealand: genetic and environmental factors 

      Apiolaza, L.A. (University of Canterbury. School of Forestry, 2011)
      Wood basic density is among the selection criteria for many fast-grown tree species, including Pinus radiata D. Don in New Zealand. Basic density was assessed in 23,330 stem cores from 18 trials to study the heritability, ...
    • A BASIC translator 

      Dear, S. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Computer Science, 1987)
      This project involves writing a translator that will convert a program written in a BASIC-like language into an intermediate code form. The translated programs are to be run on an SDR2. Programs will be developed on a ...
    • Basin-edge effects from SH-wave modelling with reference to the Lower Hutt Valley, New Zealand. 

      Adams, Brian Mark (University of Canterbury. Civil Engineering, 2000)
      A study is made of seismic wave propagation at the edge of sedimentary basins and valleys, and the subsequent amplification of earthquake shaking that occurs. The aim of this thesis is to determine the geological and ...
    • Basis Function Modelling of Respiratory Patients with High or Low Auto-PEEP 

      Langdon R; Docherty PD; Chase JG (Elsevier, 2017)
      Pulmonary mechanics of critically ill patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) are affected by bronchial pathway blockages, leading to insufficient gas exchange and poor outcomes. The blockages can result ...
    • A Battery Equalisation System for Electric Vehicle 

      Hsieh, Ming-Kuang (Leo) (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2007)
      Abstract In 1999, the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Canterbury started building their third electric vehicle (EV3) based on a TOYOTA MR2 with the goal of building a higher performance ...
    • Bayes sequential design procedures : theory and applications 

      Edwards, H. P. (University of Canterbury. Mathematics, 1978)
      This thesis considers the problem of the sequential design of experiments from a Bayesian standpoint. Viewed as a sequential decision problem with a choice of experiments at each stage, the Bayes (i.e. optimal) sequential ...
    • Bayesian estimation in an image restoration problem in x-ray fiber diffraction 

      Baskaran, S.; Millane, R.P. (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer Engineering, 1998)
      The restoration of an incomplete image from a known part and experimental data in the form of the Fourier amplitude squared sums is formulated as a Bayesian estimation problem. This problem is motivated by the structure ...