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    • The shear strength of reinforced concrete beams 

      Fenwick, R. C. (University of Canterbury. Civil Engineering, 1966)
      In this project the basic mechanism of resistance of reinforced concrete beams subjected to flexure and shear has been investigated. From an examination of the equilibrium conditions for the shear span of a beam it was ...
    • Log periodic dipole array analysis and design for free-space and above-ground applications 

      Foo, Norman Yeow Khean (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Electrical Engineering, 1966)
      Preliminary to a solution of the problem of horizontally polarized log periodic aerial arrays above ground, various types of log periodic aerials are analysed. Numerical design data for the former problem are displayed in ...
    • A dynamic study of structural concrete 

      Hunt, D. S. (University of Canterbury. Civil Engineering, 1966)
      The properties of prestressed concrete beams under the action of loading similar to that produced in the components of a structural frame during an earthquake have been studied. A Dynamic Loading Unit was designed and built ...
    • The behaviour of sulphur, during rapid carbonisation of high-organic-sulphur New Zealand coals 

      Peet, Nelson John (University of Canterbury. Chemical Engineering, 1966)
      Factors relating to the release of sulphur during slow and rapid carbonisation of coals are reviewed in detail. Experiments are described in which three high-organic-sulphur coals were carbonised in fluid bed and disperse ...
    • Moment redistribution in prestressed concrete continuous beams. 

      Priestley, M. J. N. (University of Canterbury, 1966)
      This thesis is concerned with the redistribution properties of continuous prestressed concrete structures, in particular, symmetrical two-span prismatic beams symmetrically loaded with one point load per span. The ...
    • A four-dimensional formulation of classical kinematics. 

      Appleby, Peter Graeme (University of Canterbury. School of Engineering, 1966)
    • The spontaneous heating of coal 

      Murtagh, B. A. (University of Canterbury. Chemical Engineering, 1966)
      An energy equation, describing the spontaneous heating of coal, was integrated numerically using a digital computer. The development and operation of a program to accomplish this formed the main part of the work. The ...
    • Two topics in the theory of optimal trajectory analysis 

      Lawden, G. H. (University of Canterbury. Mathematics, 1966)
      The work presented in this thesis is concerned with certain problems in the domain of optimal trajectory analysis. The general problem in this field is to determine the ‘best’ way to use a certain travel vehicle to carry ...
    • Necessary conditions for singular extremals in the calculus of variations 

      Goh, Bean San (University of Canterbury. Mathematics, 1966)
      The original objective of this research was to derive necessary conditions which would enable us to determine the nature of the intermediate - thrust arcs of optimal rocket trajectories, which Lawden had obtained in closed ...
    • Fluvial sediment transport at a large bed shear stress 

      Hill, Ian Kennedy (University of Canterbury. Engineering, 1967)
      The mechanics of a layer, many particle diameters thick, of a particle fluid system where the particles are large and exist at high concentrations is examined. Two distinct matters are examined, the first being the development ...
    • The anodic behaviour of aluminium in aqueous solution 

      Kirkpatrick, K. J. (University of Canterbury. Chemical Engineering, 1967)
      Electrolytic dissolution of pure aluminium in aqueous halide electrolytes has been investigated and found to exhibit the behaviour conventionally termed the "difference effect". The weight loss from the aluminium anode ...
    • Experimental and theoretical study of shallow doubly curved shells 

      Croll, J. G. A. (University of Canterbury. Civil Engineering, 1967)
      This investigation is concerned with the application of finite difference methods to the solution of thin elastic shallow shells. In particular, the ruled surface hyperbolic paraboloid is systematically studied to determine ...
    • The symmetry of graphs 

      Robinson, D. F. (University of Canterbury. Mathematics, 1967)
      The history of graphs goes back to the work of Eulerin his discovery of the equation f – e + v = 2 relating the number of faces, edges and vertices of a polyhedron and his treatment of the puzzle of the bridges of ...
    • Photoelectric drop size sorting 

      Boag, I. F. (University of Canterbury. Chemical Engineering, 1968)
      The work of Abrahamson (1) has been continued in an effort to develop an instrument package to classify the sizes and solute concentrations of individual drops in a two-phase agitated system. The method used (modulation ...
    • Radio noise fields of corona on power lines 

      Hong, Hai (University of Canterbury. Electrical Engineering, 1968)
      This study is concerned primarily with the theoretical analysis of radio interference from high voltage transmission lines. In particular it examines the relation between the far and near fields of radio noise emanating ...
    • The response of structures to earthquake loading 

      Walpole, W. R. (University of Canterbury. Civil Engineering, 1968)
      This thesis considers the theoretical determination of the elasto-plastic response of structures to earthquake loading. The particular structures studied are a railway bridge and four multi-storey buildings: one with a ...
    • A chronosequence of soils near the Franz Josef Glacier 

      Stevens, Peter R. (University of Canterbury. Forestry, 1968)
      Professor Hans Jenny, in his book “Factors of Soil Formation”, wrote (p.31) “The estimation of relative age or degree of maturity of soils is universally based on horizon differentiation. In practice, it is generally ...
    • The analysis of random signals 

      Chacko, E. (University of Canterbury. Electrical Engineering, 1969)
    • Evaporating drops and sprays in turbulent air streams 

      Brehaut, W. J. (University of Canterbury. Chemical Engineering, 1969)
      The evaporation rates of single drops and whole sprays in turbulent air streams have been investigated using a pilot-scale cocurrent spray drier. The six basic parameters of the turbulent air flow, the mean velocity, the ...
    • The elements of hybrid electrical system diagnosis. 

      Jelinek, Howard J. (University of Canterbury. Electrical Engineering, 1969)
      The subject of this thesis is the formulation of diagnostic techniques for detecting and isolating faults in hybrid electrical systems. The techniques are developed using model-variation studies. Diagnostic techniques ...